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Paris Pass

Paris Pass is all-inclusive pass for museums, attractions, and dozens of city tours in Paris

The Paris Pass is an all-inclusive multi-day pass that gives you free access to some of Paris’ main attractions as well as tours and activities around the city. In terms of monuments and museums included, that depends on the type (duration option) that you choose for your city pass.

Paris Pass
Aside from some sights, the Paris Pass also includes bus tours and walking tours of the city.

The 2-day and the 3-day Pass includes entries to some attractions, a free 1-day Big Bus hop-on hop-off Tour, and tickets for various other tours. The 4-day and the 6-day Passes include all the previously mentioned items, plus the Paris Museum Pass (with all its free entries).

Should I buy a Paris Pass?

The Paris Pass is a great purchase if you like going on walking tours, guided activities, and bus tours. Most of the guided activities normally cost between €20.00 and €40.00. That means that, even if you only go on four tours in two days, you’ll already have made up for the cost of a 2-day Paris Pass.

However, considering that the 4-day and 6-day Paris Pass also incorporate all entries covered by the Paris Museum Pass, those two are the options we would recommend the most. This way, you can incorporate interesting tours and activities with the essential museum and monument visits. You can see a complete list of everything the various Paris Passes include down below.

Of course, when buying an all-inclusive pass like this, you have to consider the kind of traveller you are. These passes are better suited for visitors who do at least a little bit of planning ahead of time. If you like to do everything on the spur of the moment, a pass might not be the best, since you have to book most of the activities and tours in advance.

If you are only in Paris for a couple of days, the Paris Museum Pass would be a better option, since it includes the entries to a lot more of the essential sites in Paris.

Our recommendations

If you don’t plan on going on many tours, the Paris Museum Pass is a more convenient option. If you like guided activities and visits, the Paris Pass will be perfect for you.

Duration options

The pass comes in four duration options: 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and 6 days. The pass is activated on the day you first use it to access a site, bus tour, or other tours. There are some differences in what each duration option includes.

2-day Paris Pass:

  • Digital All-Inclusive Pass for 2 days (see the list of attractions and tours included below or on the Paris Pass website ).
  • 1-day Big Bus hop-on hop-off Tour.

3-day Paris Pass:

  • All attractions and tours included in the All-Inclusive Pass (see the list of attractions and tours below or on the Paris Pass website ).
  • 1-day Big Bus hop-on hop-off Tour.

4-day Paris Pass:

6-day Paris Pass:


Of course, the average price per day diminishes with longer durations, and you’ll have more time to visit the attractions.

18+ years old
2-18 years old
Duration 2 days 3 days 4 days 6 days
18+ years old €89.00 €119.00 €199.00 €229.00
2-18 years old €54.00 €69.00 €74.00 €84.00

Our recommendations

People under 18 can already visit all national museums and permanent galleries in Paris for free. For this reason, we advise you to check if it’s really convenient to get a Paris Pass for a minor, based on the activities you intend to do.

What attractions and activities are included in the Paris Pass?

As you have seen, the various duration options include different tickets. However, all of the Paris Pass options include the Digital All-Inclusive Pass. Following is a list of everything covered by this Digital Pass. You’ll find there are entry tickets for some of the city’s attractions, walking tours, food and drink tastings, workshops, events, and special transport tickets.

As for the 4-day and 6-day Paris Pass options, they also come with a Paris Museum Pass (4-day and 6-day respectively). Here is a list of entries covered by the Paris Museum Pass.

Where can I get a Paris Pass?

You can get your Paris Pass online on the website .

If you have chosen a 4-day or a 6-day Pass, you will need to pick it up at the Big Bus Information Center. In case of a 2-day or 3-day Pass, you’ll just receive it on your email as an e-ticket.

If you plan on getting a 2 or 3-day Paris Pass but would still like to get a Paris Museum Pass to benefit from all the free entries, you can still get it separately here .

Things to keep in mind

  • Remember that all tours (including the Big Bus hop-on hop-off Tour) need to be reserved in advance. You can’t just show up with your Paris Pass and get the tour.
  • The same goes for some of the monuments and museums (like the Louvre Museum and the Versailles Palace), which require prior reservation.

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