Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is your skip-the-line all-pass for Paris’s museums and attractions

The Paris Museum Pass, often referred to as PMP, is an all-included tourist card that gives you free access to more than 50 of Paris’ most important monuments, sights, and museums. Once you get the Museum Pass you won’t even have to queue to get in: you’ll just present your pass at the entrance as you would a normal ticket.

Paris Museum Pass
As with many of these types of cards, the longer duration option you choose, the more you’re going to save in the long run.

Here is the full list of attractions and museums included in the Paris Museum Pass. The majority of them are in the city centre.

However, some of them are outside arrondissements 1 to 20. They are the following.

  • Versailles Palace and Trianon Estate
  • Château de Vincennes
  • Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis
  • Abbaye Royale de Chaalis
  • Château de Champs Sur-Marne
  • Château de Chantilly
  • Château de Pierrefonds
  • Château de Fontainebleau
  • Château de Rambouillet
  • Château de Maisons
  • Musée de la Renaissance
  • Musée d’archéologie Nationale de Saint-Germain-En-Laye
  • Musée de Port-Royal des Champs
  • Musée de L’air Et de L’espace
  • Musées et Domaine du Château de Compiègne
  • Musée du Château de Malmaison
  • Sèvres - Manufacture Et Musée
  • Musée Franco-Américain du Château de Blérancourt
  • Villa Savoye
  • Musée Rodin-Meudon

Getting the pass in person is possible but not recommended, since there often are lines at the selling points. Instead, we recommend you [get it online here]( and save yourself the hassle of queueing at an office. The complete list of establishments included in the Paris Museum Pass is always on the PMP website.

Duration options

The pass comes in three duration options: 48 hours (2 days), 96 hours (4 days), and 144 hours (6 days). The pass is activated the first time you use it to access a site, and you’ll be able to use it until the available hours run out.


Of course, the average price per day diminishes with longer durations, and you’ll have more time to visit more attractions. For this reason, if you’re staying in Paris for more days, we recommend you get the longer duration passes.

Duration 2 days 4 days 6 days
Price €52.00 €66.00 €78.00

Where to get it

You can either get the Paris Museum Pass in person (printed on a ticket) or online, the cost is the same.

Our recommendations

Since the Museum Pass is not activated until you actually use it to access one of the sites, we recommend you [buy it online]( . Buying in advance you’ll avoid queues and save time on your trip.

You can [buy your Paris Museum Pass online here]( (all duration options). Remember that some monuments are very busy and require reserving an entrance in advance, so get your pass and reserve your spot as early as you can!

If you prefer to buy it in person, there are several selling points, including:

However, remember that these are not 24/7 selling points, and they are often crowded.

Things to keep in mind

  • With the Paris Museum Pass you are guaranteed free access to the permanent collections. Some museums also give access to their temporary exhibitions, but that is up to the individual establishments.
  • Some attractions in Paris (for example the Louvre Museum or the Versailles Palace) get very busy and require a reservation (even if you’re not paying because you have the Pass). To make sure you don’t miss out on anything during your visit, we recommend getting the pass and reserving your entries as early as you can .
  • If you are under 26 with EU residency, you can have free access to national museums and permanent collections in Paris, therefore you might not need the Paris Museum Pass.
  • If you are under 18 (from any country), you have free access to national museums and permanent collections in Paris, therefore you might not need the Paris Museum Pass.

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Paris Museum Pass