Versailles Palace

In its sumptuous, opulent halls and chambers, the Palace of Versailles tells the story of France’s past and its royalty.

The Palace of Versailles, called Château de Versailles in French, is a former royal residence built mainly between the 1660s and the beginning of the 1700s under King Louis XIV’s reign. At one point in history, when King Louis XIV moved his entire court and government to Versailles, the place became the capital of France. [You can get your entries to the Versailles Palace and Estate here]( . For a guided tour, [you can click here]( .

Given the Palace’s historical and artistic importance, especially with regard to 17th and 18th century France, the Versailles Palace and its park were included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO . Millions of people visit the Palace every year, making it one of the most popular attractions in the world.

Versailles Palace in Paris interiors
The Hall of Mirrors pictured here is one of the most famous rooms in the Palace.

The Versailles Estate is actually composed of the Palace, the Gardens, the Park, the Trianon Estate and several buildings in the town of Versailles. The entire Estate extends over more than 800 hectares (just under 2000 acres). The Palace itself, which acted as a seat of power in the 18th century, is today not only a wonder of architecture but also an important museum documenting a key period in the history of France.

Among the painstakingly decorated halls and lavish rooms, the most striking are the Royal Chapel, the King and Queen’s Apartments, and the Hall of Mirrors. This 73-metre-long galley, where 357 mirrors occupy 17 arches, is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, establishing the armistice of the First World War.

Aside from the Palace, the Versailles Estate also comprises the Estate of Trianon, the Great and Small Stables, and the Gardens. Here, among cured hedges, neat flowerbeds, artificial lakes and grandiose fountains, Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Garden Shows are held almost daily in the warmer months.

The Trianon Estate is made up of the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon palaces, as well as the Queen’s Hamlet and various ornamental gardens. Here, the King and Queen came to have more intimacy than they apparently could find in the massive Versailles Palace. Beyond the Garden is the Park, with its Grand Canal and the Lake of the Swiss Guards.

Our recommendations

The Versailles Estate extends for 800 hectares, so it’s pretty much impossible to see it all in one day. If you really want to see as much as possible of the outside, we suggest you hire a bike or take the little train that drives around the gardens.

Even the palace inside is quite massive, so the best you can do is note down what you’d most like to see and make your peace with the fact that you’re not going to visit every single room.


Versailles, 12 miles southwest of Paris.

Tickets and price

The price of the ticket depends on how much of the Versailles Estate you plan on seeing. Keep in mind that the entry to the Palace and Trianon Estate are included in the Paris Museum Pass. The Pass gives you access to more than 50 of Paris’ most important monuments and sights. [You can get yours here (duration of 2, 4, or 6 days)]( .

Palace ticket*
Passport ticket
Type Regular Under 18 and EE citizens under 26
Palace ticket* €19.50 free
Passport ticket €28.50 €10.00
Audioguide €5.00 €4.00

*The Palace ticket includes an entry to the Palace itself, the temporary exhibitions, the Gallery of Coaches, the Sculptures and Mouldings Gallery, and the Park.

Versailles is a major attraction for visitors in Paris, so queues to get tickets can get pretty long. We suggest that, instead of having to buy your ticket on the day, you get it in advance and skip the line once you’re at Versailles.

[You can get your entries here (either Palace or Passport tickets)]( . If instead, you want a tour guide to take you around the Estate (it’s a bit of a maze in there, so we actually recommend this), [you should get your ticket here]( .


Venue Opening time Last admission Closing time Closed
Palace 9:00 am 5:45 pm 6:30 pm Mondays, 1st May
Gardens 8:00 am 7:00 pm 8:30 pm
Park 7:00 am 7:45 pm 8:30 pm


The Versailles Estate is about 20 km away from Paris’ city centre, so you’ll have to take transport to reach it.

Method Bus SNCF Trains RER
Lines 171 N C
Stops Palace of Versailles Versailles Chantiers Versailles Rive Gauche

If you don’t want to worry about the transfer, you can even get an all-inclusive ticket. That way, a guide will pick you up in Paris, take you to Versailles, give you a full tour, and take you back at the end of the day. [You can get your all-inclusive ticket here.](

Author: 1 The Hall of Mirrors pictured here is one of the most famous rooms in the Palace.

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