Prices in Paris

Average costs for accommodation, restaurants, transport, and sightseeing in Paris. Here are our guidelines on the prices of services and everyday needs so you can get an idea of your budget.

Paris is known for being an expensive city, especially when compared to the prices you can find in southern or eastern European cities. However, it certainly isn’t as pricey as some other northern and western European cities, especially if you know what to avoid and what to go for.

Following are the average costs you can expect when staying in Paris. Remember that the earlier you book things like accommodation and flights, the less you’ll spend.

Board listing prices in Paris
Restaurants and bars normally display their prices outside, so you can get an idea of how much you’re going to pay for your meal.


Here is a summary of the cost per night for a double bedroom in a hotel or apartment in Paris.

Central districts
Outer districts
Area Cheapest hotel Mid-range hotels Luxury hotels
Central districts €65.00 - €90.00 €100.00 - €150.00 €230.00 - €500.00
Outer districts €45.00 - €65.00 €70.00 - €130.00 €180.00 - €320.00

Remember that if you’re trying to find cheaper options, you have to book as early as you possibly can. You can book your accommodation in Paris here.


Public transport in Paris is decently affordable. If you want to know more about it you can check out our article about transport in Paris.

  • One-way transport ticket (T+Ticket): €1.90
  • 10 journey transport ticket (T+ ticket carnet): €14.90
  • Weekly pass (Passe Navigo): €22.80
  • Taxi within the city centre: €10.00 - €15.00
  • Taxi between CDG Airport and Paris centre €53.00 - €58.00
  • Taxi between Orly Airport and Paris centre €32.00 - €37.00

Eating and drinking out

Food and drinks prices vary widely depending on the area you find yourself in, but you can find some indicative price ranges below. You’ll notice that contrary to many other places, in Paris, wine tends to be cheaper than beer, so keep that in mind.

  • Coffee: €1.00 - €4.00
  • Beer: €4.00 - €8.00
  • Wine: €2.00 - €10.00
  • Sandwich: €6.00 - €8.00
  • Lunch menu: €10.00 - €20.00

Entries and tickets

Following are the average prices for a full-price (adult) entry ticket to the top sights and museums in Paris.

  • Tickets to the top attractions: €7.00 - €20.00
  • Tickets to top museums: €10.00 - €17.00

Since Paris has so many museums and sights to visit, we actually recommend getting a Paris Museum Pass. The Pass gives you access to all the main attractions (museums, sights, palaces) in the city and around it, so you save quite a bit on entry tickets, and you won’t have to queue at the entrance. [You can get yours online here]( . The prices are as follows.

  • All inclusive pass for 2 days: €52.00
  • All inclusive pass for 4 days: €66.00
  • All inclusive pass for 6 days: €78.00

For other tips on how to save money while in Paris, you can check out our dedicated article.

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Prices in Paris