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Public transport apps

While we recommend you explore Valencia on foot as much as possible, we are also aware that sooner or later during your trip, you will probably take public transport.

Many times this is the most convenient and quickest option, especially considering the network’s continuous expansion. Whether you just need to plan your trip, compare options, or even pay for your ticket, these apps will help you out.

Of course, we don’t expect (nor encourage) anyone to download several transport apps for one trip. That would be overwhelming and impractical. Instead, our suggestion is to check out the different apps and choose one or two that you think will be most useful to you.

To help you decide which tool to use, we’ve listed them all. You can find detailed information about each option below.

Mobile version*
Web version
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Tool Moovit Google Maps Transit EMT Valencia app RecargaSUMA app* EMTicket app Metrovalencia app EMT Geoportal
Type Route planning Route planning Route planning Transport-specific Ticket purchase Ticket purchase Transport-specific Transport-specific
Function Live route planning for public transport. Integrates official public transit data with crowd-sourced real-time data. Detailed maps and route planning for public transport. Provides public transport data and mapping services (EMT, Metrovalencia, Renfe Cercanias) Check live info about your bus, top up your Bonobus. Top up and check how many rides you have left on your SUMA pass. Buy single EMT bus tickets with your mobile phone. Check metro schedules and routes. Recharge passes that are not of much interest to tourists. Check EMT bus routes and schedules.
Mobile version*
Web version
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*Refers to the availability of mobile apps that can be installed via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Our recommendation

If we could only choose one app to plan journeys on public transport in Valencia, we would opt for Moovit. It is the most efficient at showing real-time information for the entire public transportation system in the city. This allows you to compare all your options and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Route planner apps

These apps will be useful especially at the beginning of your journey when you need to figure out the best way to get somewhere, whether you’re on public transport or in your own vehicle.

You can use these tools to compare your different options, and most of the time you can set them to your preference.

Maybe you’re in a hurry and you want to prioritise the shortest route. Or maybe you just don’t like taking the metro. Or one day you are really tired and you don’t care how you get there, as long as you walk as little as possible.

These are all settings you can adjust on your route planner. Here we have put together the most commonly used ones.


The purpose of this app is to provide information about public transport routes in Valencia and other cities around the world.

When it comes to buses and trams, the app can provide real-time information (based on GPS data) on vehicle arrivals at any stop. For the metro, it provides estimated arrival times of the next trains.

Moovit used for planning a trip in Valencia
Apps like Moovit can make journey planning a lot easier, helping you compare different transport solutions according to your needs.

Moovit is ideal for planning trips using any type of public transportation. You can use the app directly in your web browser without having to download it. However, it’s recommended that you install it anyway for a significantly better user experience.

Download Moovit for iOS

Download Moovit for Android

Access the web version of Moovit

Google maps

This popular tool provides detailed information on route planning and sights. Google Maps is very user-friendly and provides real-time updates on all public transport methods (including buses).

Just like Moovit, Google Maps suggests several routes to reach your destination. Also, it provides information about the arrival time of vehicles through the “Schedule Explorer” option.

Google Maps used to plan a trip in Valencia using public transport
Google Maps is another app that can help you compare different transport methods and find the one that works best for you at a certain time.

Even though Google Maps was not created primarily for route planning as Moovit was, it has the advantage of being installed by default on most devices running on Android. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it for free (also available for iOS) or use the web version.

Download Google Maps for iOS

Download Google Maps for Android

Access the web version of Google Maps


Transit is an app that provides all kinds of public transport data, including mapping, real-time info about arrival and departure times, and live navigation.

Transit App showing possible public transport connections in Valencia
Transit is yet another app that helps you find the best public transport lines to get to your desired destination.

Although in other cities Transit is already compatible with available car, bike and scooter-sharing systems, in Valencia the app only provides its services for EMT buses, Metrovalencia and Renfe Cercanias. Out of the three, live info is only available for the EMT network.

Download Transit for iOS

Download Transit for Android


Waze is a satellite navigation app, ideal if you decide to rent a car during your stay. It provides live-updated navigation and route planning based on the current traffic.

Waze being used to navigate through Valencia
Waze is a good app to use for live-updated traffic info and navigation.

Thanks to the app’s crowdsourced info, you’ll know the best route to your destination at any given moment, the exact traffic conditions and even where the police are stationed along your route. All you need to use it is a device with GPS support.

Download Waze for iOS

Download Waze for Android

Transport-specific apps

These apps have been developed directly for the various transport entities in Valencia.

Most of them will act as route planners for the one means of transport they target, as well as give you live information about arrival times and delays. While you might be able to check the balance on your pass, you will not be able to top up your tickets or passes with these apps.

EMT Valencia

EMT Valencia is a free transport app mainly dedicated to EMT bus services. It lets you consult the estimated arrival time of the buses at the stops, check the balance of your Móbilis card and the exact location of the bus ticket points of sale.

EMT Valencia app
EMT Valencia can be useful to plan your bus trips ahead of time and check your balance.

With it, you can also calculate your route, and the different options will be sorted by time and modes of transport. You cannot buy any tickets or passes through this app.

Download EMT Valencia for iOS

Download EMT Valencia for Android

Metrovalencia app

The Metrovalencia app allows you to check the updated info about metro schedules, routes, updates, and run time. The app lets you plan your routes and transfers, and it lets you see the cost of the journeys.

Metrovalencia’s app
With Metrovalencia’s app you can check routes and updated schedules, as well as plan your journeys using the metro and tram network.

While you can recharge metro-exclusive services, like TuiN (a monthly metro pass that is not of much use to tourists), you cannot recharge any SUMA passes or get single metro tickets on this app.

Download the MetroValencia app for Android

Download the MetroValencia app for iOS

EMT Geoportal

This EMT page is great if you need to check any EMT bus route (superimposed on a map of the city), as well as their usual schedules. By clicking on the flagged spots on the map, you can also see which buses stop there, and at what time the next bus is coming, according to schedules.

EMT Geoportal used to find bus routes in Valencia
The EMT Geoportal is a useful tool to check bus routes and timetables around the city.

The Geoportal does have a route planner feature for buses, metro, and bikes (both Valenbisi and private). However, in our experience, the calculator often fails, so we would not recommend it for this purpose.

Here you can browse the EMT Geoportal.

Ticket purchasing apps

These are the apps you need to use if you want to top up your ticket or pass on the go. These are ideal if you don’t want to waste time at a selling point or don’t usually have cash on you. This way you will have all your tickets with you without having to queue once.


The RecargaSUMA app is a free transportation app. Unfortunately, you will need to have a Spanish phone number to be able to use it. In our experience, it also doesn’t work on every device, so your ability to use it depends on the compatibility of your phone.The app allows its users to check how many rides they have left on their card, as well as top them up.

RecargaSUMA app
The RecargaSUMA app is ideal for those that want to reload their SUMA passes on the go.

This tool, which replaces what used to be the RecargaMobilis app, works with any SUMA pass.

Download the RecargaSUMA app for Android


EMTicket is a mobile application that allows you to buy single tickets from your mobile phone to travel on all EMT buses in Valencia.

After you download the app and create an account you can purchase a bus journey. At this point, you will have 60 days to activate the ticket and use it. Once activated, the ticket is valid for one hour and has no transfer limits.

How to use EMTicket - Tutorial

When you get on the bus, you will need to show the bus driver your active ticket, which will have a live timer. The same goes if an inspector gets on the bus to check tickets. You can buy up to 10 single bus tickets at a time, and you can store up to 20 in your e-wallet. This means that if you are travelling with someone, you can get tickets for them too on your phone.

For more information on how to use this app, you can consult the official EMT Valencia website .

Download the EMTicket app for Android

Download the EMTicket app for iOS

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