Exploring Valencia by bike

A great climate, the perfect geography and more than 160 km of bike lanes make Valencia the ideal cycling city for everyone, including the less experienced.

Valencia is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in Spain for a reason. The natural conditions that the city enjoys, coupled with the commitment by the local government to develop a liveable city for the people in it, make Valencia the perfect place to discover on a bike.

Getting around with a bike is faster than going on foot, but it will still allow you to see and appreciate everything the city has to offer at your own pace. Of course, as with any private means of transport, it means you can spontaneously and independently decide when and where to go. It also has the advantage of being a great form of physical activity and more eco-friendly than any other private means of transport.

The city of Valencia is essentially flat and considerably smaller than other big cities in Europe or Spain (like Barcelona or Madrid). This makes it very easy for anyone, even groups with children or inexperienced people, to explore the city at their own rhythm.

Cyclist in Turia park in Valencia
Valencia’s Turia park offers almost 10 km (about 6 miles) of cyclable paths, right in the middle of the city.

Valencia also enjoys an average of over 300 days a year of sunny weather, with very few days affected by excessive rain, cold, or ice. Most importantly, Valencia’s attitude towards urban planning has made it possible to have a safe and extensive bike lane presence, which covers the whole city. In fact, the bike paths are in continuous development, with more and more space in the city being dedicated to them. Here you can check Valencia’s bike lane map .

In the city, you can safely cycle on the dedicated bike lanes or normal streets, but you will also enjoy the Turia park, a C-shaped green space that lies on a dry riverbed. The park hugs the city’s old quarters and continues towards the maritime areas.

If you are a more serious cyclist, you can also get out of the city (there are bike lanes to take you there, too) and you will find many cycling options.

About 20 km to the south of Valencia you have the Albufera National Park and its rice fields, as well as El Saler. To the west of the city, there are also many other options, most notably the Parque Fluvial del Rio Turia, where you can get through the Turia park, following the bike lane.

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