Bike tour in the City of Arts, Valencia
Exploring Valencia by bike

Bike tours

Tours are a great way to get acquainted with any new place and orient yourself before you start exploring the specific areas and get involved in the activities that you like the most.

A tour will give you an overview of the neighbourhoods and their style, the monuments and architecture, the history and traditions of the city.

So why not do all this, with the added comfort and ease of being on a bike. This way, you’ll also get a chance to get used to cycling around the city before you’re off on your own.

Guided bike tours

Some shops, in addition to their bike rental services, will offer bike tours. They generally go around the city’s most popular areas and neighbourhoods, giving you lots of insights and useful information about Valencia.

These itineraries are offered in several languages, the selection of which depends on the individual business. Most commonly you will find tours in Spanish, English, Dutch and Italian. Average bike tour prices are between €25.00 and €35.00.

Guided bike tour in Valencia
Many bike tours in Valencia cover similar routes. One of the most popular stops is the City of Arts and Sciences, pictured here.

The majority of bike tours last around 3 to 4 hours and are easy enough that you don’t need to be an expert cyclist to participate. In fact, most tours are apt for families with children, even offering bikes for children or baby seat options upon request. Children with their own bikes normally get a discount on the regular price.

Standard guided bike tour

The majority of guided tours offer very similar routes for bike tours, even though there are minimal variations between businesses. To give you an idea of what that looks like, we have put together a summary of the standard bike tour in Valencia.

Normally, the itinerary starts in the city’s old quarters, or in front of the rental shops themselves. The guide will initially take you around the city centre, passing by some of the most important buildings there.

You will then leave the centre through the Serranos gate and cycle along the Turia park for a bit. In the gardens, you’ll appreciate the Palau de la Musica and continue towards the Ciudad de las Artes.

Once you’re there, depending on the tour, you’ll either go back to the city centre or continue towards the maritime areas and the beach. After the beach, you’ll go back to the city.

Depending on the type of tour and company, you’ll stop by the majority of the sites mentioned on this list:

Discounted tours with a Valencia Tourist Card

If you have a Valencia Tourist Card, you can even get a discount on some bike tours:

  • 15% off “Modernist Valencia through the Turia river” Bike Tour.
  • 15% off “From the past to the future” Bike Tour.
  • 10% off Open Bike Tour with Doyoubike.
  • 10% off Valencia Bike Tour with Valencia Guias.

To know more about these discounts, you can check the Valencia Tourist Card guide .

Self-guided bike tours

If you like the idea of getting introduced to the city with a tour but you are more of an independent type and don’t like following a set schedule, there is a solution for you too. You can opt for any of the Northleg self-guided bike tours.

We have created a varied itinerary selection of mixed duration, each option better suited for different tastes and interests. The list of bike tours includes itineraries such as Through theTuria park, El Saler and Albufera, Valencia’s bridges and beaches, Albufera up close, and Secret spots in Valencia.

Tourist riding a rental bike in Valencia
Rental bikes come in many different models and makes, and they tend to be more comfortable and easier to manoeuvre than Valenbisi bikes.

As mentioned, the tours are self-guided, but for some of them, we also offer the possibility to be accompanied by a guide. A guide is perfect if you prefer to be shown around and rely on an expert who will make sure you don’t miss any of the details about the places you are visiting.

If you are interested in these tours, you can check them out in the section Northleg bike itineraries.

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