Torres de Serranos

Defence gate, grand entrance, prison, and then safehouse. The Puerta de Serranos is one of the most well-preserved monuments in Valencia, as well as an important landmark since the Middle Ages

The Torres de Serranos or Torres dels Serrans, in Valencian (Serranos Towers in English) are a duo of mediaeval defensive towers. They were once part of Valencia’s fortifications. This fortification system consisted of a defence wall and twelve entrance gateways to the city.

Today, the Puerta de Serranos (Serranos Gate, in English) is one of the only two left standing. It is a significant testament to what Valencia used to be in its Mediaeval era and the importance it had in the Mediterranean.

Throughout the centuries, the Serranos Towers have had many functions, which are likely the reason why they managed to survive to this day largely intact.

Even though the gate was built for defence purposes in case of attacks or sieges, no military action ever took place in its immediate vicinity. Instead, the gate was often used for formalities such as official welcoming ceremonies and grand entrances into the city by ambassadors and kings.

Torres Serranos during Fallas celebration in Valencia
During the Cridà, the opening ceremony of the Fallas festival, fireworks are launched from the Serranos Towers.

Over time, it became the most important gate along the old wall that surrounded Valencia, being considered the main entrance to the city.

It is estimated that at a certain point, up to 95% of visitors in the city passed through this gate. In the 15th century, customs duty was even established for those who wanted to pass through here with goods to sell and exchange.

Nowadays, you can appreciate this important piece of Valencian history from up close, climbing the steps of the Towers and enjoying the panoramic view over the city. What you will find inside, rather than opulent furniture or paintings, will be a blend of military and ceremonial architecture, in all its Gothic grandeur.

The monument is a gate to the old Valencia, standing between its ancient quarters and the old Turia riverbed, now a public park. Thanks to its advantaged position, the Serranos gate can be as easily integrated into a tour of Valencia’s old quarters, as it can become part of a walk along the Turiapark.

Torres de Serranos
Venue Type Visit duration Cost VTC discount
Torres de Serranos Historical building Around 30 min. € 2.00 Free entry

Discounts and free entry may apply, including in the case of the Valencia Tourist Card.

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