El Carmen

With its narrow cobblestone streets and mediaeval remains, El Carmen is the historical centre of Valencia. Its old houses are painted in the bright colours of urban art, and its streets are buzzing with people, small cafes, artisanal shops, tapas bars, and live-music venues.

Barrio del Carmen is the northwestern section of the Ciutat Vella, Valencia’s Old Town district. Out of the six neighbourhoods in the district, El Carmen is the most evidently mediaeval area, a must-see for anyone interested in sightseeing. But it is also an extremely vibrant place, where history lives side by side with the people.

Map showing the location of El Carmen neighbourhood in Valencia
El Carmen is at the northern edge of the city centre. It borders Turia Park, which marks its northern perimeter.

El Carmen’s narrow cobblestone streets are populated by old houses with iron balconies, small cafes, artisanal businesses, tapas bars, and live-music venues. The neighbourhood is also home to colourful street art and graffiti, along with the historical remains and museums devoted to preserving and disseminating Valencian history, culture, and art.

This is the bohemian area of Valencia, rich in urban art, historical sites, alternative shops, and outdoor terraces. This is a place to get lost and wander around, a place to discover little by little. Here, art is in the streets.

The barrio is filled with the chatter of people - both visitors and locals - the smell of orange blossoms and local food, the bright colours of the graffiti and painted houses, the earthy tones of the mediaeval stones.

Yellow buildings in el Carmen in Valencia
The typical El Carmen streets are small and sided by earthy toned buildings.

Walking the streets of El Carmen you’ll be charmed by its tranquil and joyful energy, you’ll learn about Valencia’s history, its people, and their way of life. While crossing the neighbourhood at its widest points only takes a little over 10 minutes, this cobbled labyrinth has thousands of years of history to offer. El Carmen is the lived and living history of Valencia.

As mentioned, El Carme is at the northern edge of the city centre. It borders Turia Park, which marks its northern perimeter. To the south, it is enclosed by Carrer de Quart, and to the west by Carrer Guillem de Castro. You can find more details about its location and how to reach it in the relevant section of this article.

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