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How to get to Valencia from the Airport

Valencia Airport, also known as Manises Airport, is the second-largest airport in the region after Alicante. The airport is only 8 km west of Valencia, making it the closest to the city centre.

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There are two main airports in the Valencian Community. While the biggest and busiest airport in the region is Alicante Airport, Manises is the most comfortable option for those flying into and from the capital itself.

Valencia Airport consists of a single terminal, which makes it very easy to navigate. It also has a single central security area, which leads to the airside. Here, gates 1-4 out of the total 22, are designated for non-Schengen flights.

There are many transport options for all budgets to reach the centre of Valencia from Manises airport. To help you make the right choice, here is a small summary. You can find detailed information on each option farther down the page.

Transport option
Travel time(to city centre)
Transport option Metro line 3 Metro line 5 Fernanbus (line 150) Taxi Car rental
Destination Rafelbunyol Marítim Valencia Central Market - -
Travel time(to city centre) 20 min. (56 min. to end-of-line) 20 min. (32 min. to end-of-line) 30-45 min. 20 min. 20 min.
Rating* starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
Price €4.80 (+ €1.00 for a transport card, if you don’t have one) €4.80 (+ €1.00 for a transport card, if you don’t have one) €4.80 €20.00 - € 25.00 Approx. €20.00 p/d

*Ratings are an indicator of convenience considering cost and comfort for each option.

Our recommendations

In terms of price to time ratio, the metro is the best option. It also covers times when the bus is not running, for example, bank holidays, Sundays, or after 10:00 pm.

Fernanbus (line 150) is a convenient option if you are not in a hurry. It stops right in front of the Arrivals exit, it has frequent enough departures and you won’t have to take your suitcase up and down any stairs.

If you really are in a hurry or are getting there very late at night, consider taking a taxi.

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