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Useful apps and tools to move around in Valencia

Whether you are taking public or private transport, there are many tools to help you plan your journeys in Valencia. Many of these apps will give you live information about availability and routes, and even let you pay for tickets. All you need is a smartphone or alternative device with an internet connection.

Valencia has an excellent transport network, whether your preference is public or private. However, it’s not always easy for visitors to figure out which option works best or which transport method is most efficient to reach a specific destination.

If you’re prone to getting a bit lost in a new city and you find it hard to orient yourself in these situations, some of these tools might help you. Using these apps, you won’t have to waste time figuring out which way to go or which transport to take.

You (hopefully) won’t get on the wrong bus, and you won’t even have to wait in long queues. These apps will leave you more time and tranquillity to enjoy Valencia’s sights and fewer worries about getting to them.

Using Google Maps for public transport in Valencia
There are many different apps you can use to move around Valencia and find the best transport solutions.

Some tools and apps in this article can compare different means of transport, helping you decide what works best in any given situation. You will see which option is more flexible, which has the shortest run time or fewer transfers, or even which one allows you to walk the least.

If you already know what form of transport you prefer, you can use other apps to help you plan your journey from start to finish. On them, you can check the different routes and lines, find the nearest pick-up point, buy tickets or trips, see how long it will take for the bus, tram, metro, or taxi to arrive, and even see the cost of your cab ride.

If you don’t have internet access during your trip, you can still purchase tickets at official points of sale and plan your itineraries the traditional way.

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