Metro Valencia Suma 10 recharge ticket screen in the machine


Public transport discounts - 1st September to 31st December 2022

The Valencian government has introduced a discount on multi-journey transport passes.

The discount brings the price of a SUMA 10 pass down to €5.60 (one zone), €8.40 (two zones), and €14.00 (three zones).

Free Transport Under 30 - 9th October - 31st December 2022

Free public transport (metro, trams, and buses) is available in Valencia for people under 30.

To benefit from this initiative, users have to request their free transport card online. The only prerequisite is a Spanish DNI or NIE as proof of age.

The SUMA 10, is a 10-journey combination pass, valid for EMT and MetroBus bus services, metro services, and Renfe Cercanias (short-distance trains) in selected areas. It allows for one transfer between different lines or transport methods.

You can choose whether to include one, two, or three zones when you get your SUMA 10 card. Again, we recommend getting the card for Zone A only, as that is the area in which you will primarily be moving.

  • Metro Valencia ticket
    Passes like the SUMA 10 can be loaded on cardboard Móbilis cards, among other options.
  • Móbilis Card Valencia
    Passes like the SUMA 10 can also be loaded on hard plastic Móbilis cards.

Each journey allows for one transfer in the first 90 minutes since first use. This time limit is 110 minutes for a two or three-zone card.

Remember that a Zone A SUMA 10 card does not include MetroBus line 150 to the airport. Only MetroBus (the yellow buses) lines that move in zone A and A-B are included in this pass.

The price of a single-zone SUMA 10 is €8.00 (either zone A or zone B), for a two-zone SUMA 10, you will pay €12.00, and a three-zone pass (zones A-B-C, thus including the airport) will cost €20.00.

Zones One zone Two zones Three zones
Details The pass can either be for Zone A or Zone B The pass can either cover zones A,B or B,C Covers zones A, B, and C (including the airport). Not recommended as there are cheaper alternatives.
Price €8.00 €12.00 €20.00
Public transport zones in Valencia
Valencia’s transport zones A, AB, B, and C. The city centre and the most relevant areas for tourists are all well within Zone A or AB at most.

You can load these passes either on a plastic card (€2.00) or on a cardboard card (€1.00). You can get these cards at an automated Renfe Cercanias or MetroValencia machine, kiosks, and tobacco shops.

If you have a Spanish phone number, you can also top your card up on the app RecargaSUMA, which replaces the app previously known as RecargaMobilis. For more details on how to get this pass, check the “How to buy your ticket” section in this article.

This pass is probably your best option, as it works for any form of public transport. It can be loaded with up to 30 journeys at a time and it is not personal, meaning that it can be used by up to 15 people. Just remember to tap it as many times as there are people with you. You should also tap any time you transfer from one transport method to the other or from one bus to another.

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