How to get around in Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain, and it is well worth visiting every corner. To be able to see it all, choose the means of transportation that works best for you.

Free Transport Under 30 - 9th October - 31st December 2022

Free public transport (metro, trams, and buses) is available in Valencia for people under 30 years old.

To benefit from this initiative, users have to request their free transport card online. The only prerequisite is a Spanish DNI or NIE as proof of age.

Most likely, you will end up using a combination of the many options to move around the city, from public to private transportation. The metro and public buses certainly offer frequent and complete service.

For public transport use, the city is divided into three concentric areas (zonas in Spanish) and one overlap area. The majority of tickets and passes come in different zone-coverage options.

Here you have an explanation of the different areas so that you can make the best choice with regards to your transport ticket.

  • Zone A is the biggest and most central one. It covers the city with its most important sightseeing spots, the old centre, the newer and trendy neighbourhoods, as well as the beach. The tram service runs mainly in this area. You will most likely be moving around zone A on your visit.
  • Zone A-B is the overlap area. Its function is to keep prices low for those that travel between bordering zones. People moving from these areas to the nearby zones A or B (and vice versa) will be able to get single-zone tickets. The municipalities belonging to this area are those belonging to l’Horta - the larger urban area of Valencia.
  • Zone B is the area directly around A. It covers mostly small towns and municipalities belonging to the metropolitan areas of Camp de Turia (northeast of the city), Camp de Morvedre (north of the city), and Ribera (south of the city).
  • Zone C is equivalent to the airport. It serves the purpose of separating the airport from all other areas.
Map of the public transport zones in Valencia
Valencia’s transport zones A, AB, B, and C. As you can see, the city centre and the most relevant areas for tourists are all well within Zone A.

If rather than relying on public transportation, you want to invest in comfort, you can always take a taxi. Or you might even want to try out the ever more popular stand-up e-scooters, zooming through traffic in the city.

If instead, you want to be active, you can take a stroll on a bike or even walk, enjoying the greenery in the sunny city of Valencia.

Our recommendations

Walking through Valencia is an excellent experience that will allow you to appreciate all its little corners and beauty. We now offer a selection of walking tours (Northleg tineraries) to discover this amazing city.

If, however, you are planning on moving a lot and covering big distances on the same day, we would recommend using a bike or public transportation.

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