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As you might already know, Valencia is the ideal city to discover on a bike, as it enjoys the perfect geographical and meteorological conditions for it.

While the city and its metropolitan area are mostly flat and have an extensive bike-lane network, the outskirts, with their hills and mountains are also a great option for bike enthusiasts and experts.

Whether you use the public bike rental service available in the city, or privately rent a bike at a shop, there’s an app to help you plan your journey.

Valenbisi Valencia

The Valenbisi app is the primary tool (but not the only one available) to use the public bike rental service. On it, you can subscribe to any Valenbisi plan, unlock and rent a bike, check station location and availability through a map, as well as checking your account information and status.

Valenbisi’s app
Valenbisi’s app lets you see the closest bike stations. The icons indicate the position and number of available bikes.

Download the Valenbisi app for Android

Download the Valenbisi app for iOS

If you want to know more about this rental service in Valencia, here is our article about Valenbisi.


This app collects and offers hundreds of user-recommended bike routes. Whether you are a cycling expert and need a route for training, or you are just a visitor looking for a touring route with your Valenbisi, you will find something to your liking on Bikemap.

Bikemap being used for planning a bicycle route in Valencia
Bikemap is a great option if you want help planning your cycling route in Valencia.

To use it, you just need to search the geographical location (in this case Valencia, Spain) and adjust the settings to the type of route you are interested in (quick, long, flat, hilly, city bike, etc.).

Download Bikemap for iOS

Download Bikemap for Android

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Cycling apps