Cyclist on a Valenbisi bike in the city centre of Valencia

Long term subscription

The other subscription option offered by Valenbisi is the annual plan. Much like a weekly plan, the long-term subscription has a fixed cost and can be used for an unlimited number of journeys within the duration year.

Mobilis Card Valencia
If you want to, you can pair your annual subscription to a Móbilis card. This way, you won’t have to take your phone out when picking up a bike.

This might be a better option for those that are staying in Valencia for longer periods of time, from a few weeks to several months.

Types of long-term subscriptions

There are various year-long subscriptions, but the one you are most likely to get is the standard long-term subscription (29.21).

Other annual subscriptions include:

  • +55 Card (€24.00) for users over 55 years of age
  • Closer Card (€20.00) for unemployed people over 35
  • Company Subscription (€26.00) for organisations and associations in Valencia
  • Combined MIBISI (€26.00) for MIBISI users.

MIBISI is another bike rental service that covers areas and towns outside Valencia’s city centre. You’ll also find that the annual subscription for minors is listed as separate from the regular yearly subscription. Its price, however, is still €29.21.

How to sign up

Subscriptions on Móbilis cards can only be activated at select stations

If you decide to link your annual pass to a Móbilis card, the first time you use it, you will have to complete the association at a Valenbisi terminal. Normally, you can activate it at any station. However, since the Valenbisi system is under renewal, not all stations currently allow you to activate your pass on a Móbilis.

To avoid this, we suggest you get your annual pass through the app.

If you still prefer getting a Móbilis, you’ll have to contact Valenbisi to know which stations are updated, since they are constantly growing.

To get an annual subscription, you can either use the app on your mobile phone or link your account to your Móbilis card.

A Móbilis card is a transport card on which you can load many public transport tickets, like SUMA passes and single metro tickets. If you don’t have one already, you can get one for €2.00 (hard plastic) or €1.00 (cardboard) at any metro station, kiosk or tobacco shop.

With the app

As with other subscription options, you can get and use a long-term subscription through the Valenbisi app. This is the option we recommend if you don’t want to get and keep a Móbilis with you.

How to sign up for a Valenbisi annual subscription with the app

  1. Open the Valenbisi app
  2. On the top left, you’ll find a “Log in - Sign up" button. Click it.
  3. Click on “Create my account”, you’ll have to insert your email and choose a 6-digit PIN code.
  4. You’ll be sent an activation code in your email. Click it.
  5. Select “complete my account”. On the same page, you can also choose to check the subscription types.
  6. Choose a long term subscription.
  7. You’ll get a quick overview and the price (€29.21). Click on “choose this subscription option” at the bottom of the page.
  8. State your gender, name, surname, date of birth, and phone number (you can change the prefix for a non-Spanish phone number).
  9. Choose a start date and time for your subscription. It will normally come pre-filled with the date and time you are signing up, but you can change it.
  10. Add a payment method (Mastercard or Visa). Accept Valenbisi’s terms and conditions (you don’t have to agree to the newsletters).
  11. Agree to Valenbisi safely storing your card info in case you have to pay a fine for damages to the bike (up to €150.00). You can find more details about these fines in the penalties section of this article.
  12. The sign-up process is now finished.
  13. In your email, you will have received an overview of the subscription and your info, including your subscription number. Keep it, as you’ll need the subscription number once you want to activate your pass.

Through the website

The other way to get an annual subscription is to do it online on the official Valenbisi subscription page .

If you don’t like having to take your phone out every time you want to pick up a Valenbisi bike, you can link your pass to a Móbilis card at the time of subscription. This way, you don’t have to worry if your phone is not working correctly, has a low battery, or has poor service. Below you can find a step by step guide on how to get the pass online.

How to sign up for an annual Valenbisi subscription online

  1. Go on


  2. On the home page, click on “sign up”.
  3. Insert your email and create a 6-digit PIN code. After every step click on “OK” on the right.
  4. Click on the activation link sent to your email.
  5. At the top of the page, you’ll see a red notice, telling you that you are not subscribed to any plan. Click on “see plans”.
  6. Click on the long term plan option
  7. You’ll get a quick review and the price (€29.21). Click on “Choose this plan” right under it.
  8. Insert your gender, name, surname, date of birth, and phone number (you can change the prefix if your number is not Spanish). Remember to click on OK on the right after you fill in the blanks.
  9. Click on “learn about our plans”.
  10. Confirm your subscription of choice.
  11. Click on “mobile phone or card” as your device, then click on confirm.
  12. Add a payment method (Mastercard or Visa), and agree to Valenbisi storing your bank info in case you have to pay a fine for damages to the bike (up to €150.00). You can find more details about these fines in the penalties section of this article.
  13. Accept Valenbisi’s terms and conditions. You don’t have to agree to the newsletters.
  14. Your annual subscription is now complete.
  15. You will have been sent another email with your info and subscription number. Keep it, as you will need it when you want to use the Valenbisi pass.
  • Plastic Móbilis card used in Valencia
    If you decide to load your pass on a Móbilis card, we recommend you use a hard plastic one instead of a cardboard one, as it will easily last for the entirety of the year.
  • Valencia’s cardboard Móbilis card
    If you end up using a cardboard Móbilis and realise that with time it is wearing off, you can always associate a new Móbilis to your account through the website or the app.

Keep in mind that there used to be the alternative to get a Valenbisi card shipped to your house, however, this is no longer an available option.

Using a long-term subscription

Once you submit all the info and complete the process, you can go start using your pass straight away. To find a bike station near you, check the Valenbisi stations section.

With the app

If you have signed up through the app, it’ll be very easy to start using your subscription, as you won’t really need much else and are already familiar with the interface. Below you can find a step by step guide on everything you need to do to activate your long-term pass.

How to pick up and return a Valenbisi bike with the app

  1. Open the app when you’re already close to a Valenbisi station (the bikes cannot be booked in advance).
  2. Select the Valenbisi station where you are located.
  3. Scroll down the list to find the bike you want to unlock. The available bikes are numbered depending on the stand where they’re parked.
  4. Swipe left on the bike you want to take out.
  5. You have 60 secons to slide the bike out of its lock. If you don’t take the bike out, it will appear as available to others again.
  6. Adjust the bike seat if necessary
  7. Press the button on the stand to release the bike. You can now slide it off the lock, and off you go.

With a Mobilis card

As mentioned in the previous section, you can also choose to pair your pass to a Móbilis card. This way, you won’t have to use your phone every time you want to take a Valenbisi bike out.

Remember that the first time you use a Móbilis card, you’ll need to complete the association to your account at a Valenbisi terminal. Below you can find a step by step guide on everything you need to do to activate your long-term subscription.

Valenbisi system update: not all terminals suitable for first-time Móbilis association

The stations in Valenbisi are currently undergoing a system upgrade. This means that not all functions are available at all stations in Valenbisi.

The first-time association of a Móbilis card can only be completed at an updated station. Contact Valenbisi for a current list of updated stations.

How to use a Mobilis Card with Valenbisi for the first time

  1. Approach a Valenbisi terminal with your Móbilis card and tap it on the reader.
  2. Insert your associated phone number and 6-digit PIN code (the one you chose when you signed up).
  3. When the verification process is complete you’ll see a message on the screen, saying “association successful”.
  4. By clicking on the “next” button, you can proceed to book your bike as usual.

With a subscription number

Valenbisi system update - not all terminals are completely functional

Due to Valenbisi’s system update, not all stations allow annual subscribers to take out a bike only using their subscription number.

To know which stations are updated, you’ll have to contact Valenbisi, since they are constantly growing.

Yet another option is that of taking out a bike solely using your subscription number and your PIN code. No apps or cards are needed to do this, only your memory (to remember the subscription number).

How to pick up a Valenbisi bike with an annual subscription number

  1. Approach a Valenbisi terminal, keeping your subscription number at hand (you will have been sent this upon signing up).
  2. Click on “Use valenbisi service” (utilizar el servicio valenbisi).
  3. Insert your subscription number.
  4. Insert your 6-digit PIN code (this is the code you chose when you created the account).
  5. You’ll find the available bikes on the screen, numbered according to the stand at which they are parked. You can select one by clicking on its number.
  6. You now have 60 seconds to take out your bike. Go to the bike you chose and adjust the seat if needed.
  7. Slide the bike directly off the lock, there’s no need to push the release button on the stand.

Returning the bike

Returning your bike to a Valenbisi station is easier than taking one out. Here you have a step by step guide:

How to return a Valenbisi bike

  1. Approach a Valenbisi station and slide your bike into any one of the empty stands
  2. Make sure you insert your bike into the lock fully.
  3. You’ll hear a confirmation signal (a double beep) when the bike is correctly secured. If the signal is an insistent or steady beep, it means your bike is not correctly inserted.
  4. You can now leave the station without any additional steps. If you’re not sure the bike is inserted correctly, you can check your account on the app, and it will tell you whether the booking is still active or not.

Cost overview

The subscription has a fixed cost, but if you do not return your bike on time (within 30 minutes since you took it out), you will incur extra charges.

The cost of the subscription, as well as the extra costs for keeping a Valenbisi bike over time, are illustrated in the following table.

Annual subscription
Annual subscription Initial cost Insurance (optional) First 30 min. 30 to 60 min. 60 min. onwards
Cost €29.21 €9.00 Free €0.52 €2.08 every 60 min.

Liability insurance

Keep in mind that when you sign in for an annual card, you can also sign up for a seguro de responsabilidad civil (civil liability insurance), which covers you in case of any damages to property or personal injury caused to third parties.

The cost of this optional insurance is €9.00 per year. If you plan on spending at least a few months in Valencia and cycling on the road with other vehicles, you might want to get this insurance, as it is not very expensive and it could help in case of any accidents. However, if you are planning to stay for a short period of time and you are a very careful cyclist, then insurance is probably not needed.

Overtime fees

Overtime charges are calculated according to the time bands within which your overtime falls. This means that if, for example, one day you kept your bike for 35 minutes (5 minutes overtime) or 50 minutes (20 minutes overtime), you will still be charged the same amount, €0.52.

All these extra fees are registered and accumulated on your account, and at the end of every month, your card will be automatically charged.

If the payment on your card does not go through, your account will be suspended until you manually pay for them.

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