Valenbisi app

Valenbisi app and other tools

There are a few tools that can be useful to manage your Valenbisi account and subscription. You can use them to find the closest station to you, to check and clear any outstanding charges on your account, or even just to check your journeys. Here we have gathered all of them.

Valenbisi app

The Valenbisi app is the primary tool to use the service. On it, you can subscribe to any Valenbisi plan, unlock and rent a bike, check station location and availability through a map, as well as check your account information and status, including the journeys made with your pass and their duration.

Valenbisi app used to find stations in Valencia
Valenbisi’s app lets you see the closest bike stations. The icons indicate the position and number of available bikes.

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Download the official Valenbisi app for Android

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Online Map

The online station map is ideal if you want to check the stations from a computer or laptop. Remember that, aside from seeing the location of each Valenbisi terminal, you can also see how many bikes and free stands are available at each station by clicking on them.

Valenbisi online map
The Valenbisi online map will show you all Valenbisi stations as red pins. If you look for a station in particular, it will appear in green, while if a station is momentarily not available, it will appear in white.

This page works fine if you are using it on desktop, but we strongly recommend downloading the app for use on a mobile.

Here you can have a look at the online Valenbisi Station Map .

Valenbisi webpage

This is the webpage from which you can subscribe to both Valenbisi pass options (7-day and annual).

In the section “my use” of your account, you can see all journeys you made, as well as their duration.

Valenbisi website my use section - Valencia city bikes
On the website, you can access your account and check all your personal info, like your journeys and any outstanding overtime fees.

If you have an annual subscription, you can also process outstanding charges if they weren’t able to go through your card as normal. Additionally, you can upload credit on your name for any overtime fees that you expect to make in the future (up to a maximum of €10.00). For this, you will have to go to the “My subscription” and then “My credit” sections.

Valenbisi stations offline map

If you don’t want to use as much of your data while you’re out, it can also be very useful to have a map already downloaded on your phone.

Remember that this is not an interactive map, only a simple PDF Valenbisi stations map. Nevertheless, with the spread of bikes around the city, you should be able to find a free stand or bike available at any station.

Download valenbisi stations PDF map (1.7 MB)

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Valenbisi app and other tools