Verbenas y Discomóviles

During Fallas the party is in the streets. Valencia is set ablaze by dozens of open-air parties and small concerts, the verbenas and discomóviles

The verbenas and discomóviles popular in Valencia are street parties - usually nocturnal - set up all over the city during the Fallas period. These events usually include the presence of DJs and music artists, as well as drinks or even local food.

In other Spanish cities, the verbenas can resemble old-fashioned funfairs, with amusement rides and lots of games. In fact, the word verbena comes from the homonymous plant. In the past, people who attended local fairs used to wear a verbena flower on their jackets’ lapels, and the parties soon adopted the name. However, in modern-day Valencia, these events are more similar to open-air clubs than anything else, hence the term discomóviles, literally meaning travelling discos.

The basic ingredients for a verbena or discomóvil are an outdoor music stage, a good sound system and lots of dancing. Given the great number of events organised by dozens of different barrios every day, you will find almost any kind of music genre. The most popular ones are of course EDM and its subgenres, but nostalgia music is not uncommon.

The Fallas committees are often responsible for organising these events, which are either set up on stages in the street or inside temporary gazebos. Normally they are free and open to the public. Some music parties are instead privately organised for specific Fallas committees and might require an entry fee.

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