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Nit del Foc

The final grand firework display before the last day of Fallas. Twenty minutes of dancing colours and lights exploding in the dark Valencian sky

The Nit del Foc, literally meaning Night of Fire, is the biggest and longest firework display of Fallas. Its aim is to kick off the last day of the festival making as much noise and setting off as many fireworks as possible.

This firework show can be considered the concluding display of all the Castillos de Fuegos that light up the Valencian night sky during Fallas. Undoubtedly, it is the most impressive. The display usually lasts just over 20 minutes and in recent years, anywhere from about 2 to 4.5 tonnes of gunpowder have been used in it.

Given the local passion for everything that involves fireworks and is loud, it’s no wonder that the event is highly awaited by all Valencians. In fact, this is one of the key occurrences in the days leading up to the Cremà and it draws massive crowds.

The programme

The Nit del Foc programme is always different and innovative, and it is generally assigned to a different pyrotechnic company every year. However, it follows a ritual flow that has remained the same over many years.

Different stages punctuate this structure. The beginning is usually softer and more delicate. Then comes a crescendo of noise and light, with astonishing colourful light spikes, multidirectional geometric figures, twirling visual effects, soft golden fountains, and of course rhythmic firecrackers. The display usually ends with a dynamic explosion of sound and colour that lasts a few minutes.

Fireworks over Alameda - Nit del Foc, Fallas Valencia
During the Nit del Foc you will see the whole range of colours and shapes possible.

The show usually takes several days and quite a few experts to plan. Setting it up is no joke either, as it can take dozens of hours. The technological improvements allow for thousands of precise explosions to be computer-controlled and timed, reaching as high as 60 metres in the air.

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