Castillos de Fuegos Artificiales

A nightly appointment for all Valencians under Fallas, when the sky shatters into droplets of light and glistening colours

Every night during the month of March, the municipality of Valencia and the local pyrotechnics organise stunning and elaborate firework displays called Castillos de Fuegos Artificiales (literally meaning Firework Castles)

While the loud Mascletás are ideal for the daytime, the Castillos are made to amaze the public with colourful twirls and sparkling shapes in the night sky. Nonetheless, remember this is still Valencia after all, so these fireworks will be much louder than the ones you have heard on other occasions.

In Valencia, the Castillos de Fuegos explode in colourful sparks and create playful shapes. The dark spring sky is engraved with fleeting constellations. Dozens of shimmering brushstrokes gently fade away, leaving behind only the acrid smell of gunpowder.

Child watching Castillos de Fuegos - Fireworks show during Valencia’s Fallas
The firework displays attract large crowds of adults and children alike.

A typical Castillo is quite long compared to a regular firework display - generally around 15 minutes - although the duration varies depending on the night. The longest event is the Nit del Foc, the last Castillo of every Fallas edition. Another special event is the Albà de les Falles, which opens the Semana Fallera and precedes the Plantà. Other Castillos take place all throughout March.

The location too, depends on the night, and the various Fallas committees fire their own Castillos. In any case, the biggest and most notable displays are set up in the old Turia riverbed, along the 9th section of the Turia Park.

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