The feat that opens the final and most spectacular act of the Fallas festival. The moment when the sculptures are finally presented to the city.

The Plantà (or Plantá in Spanish) is the act of putting up a falla in the city for everyone to see. This event is long awaited in Valencia, as it marks the beginning of the Fallas festival’s final days, at the end of which the sculptures will be burnt.

The term Plantà, which comes from the verb plantar (to plant), has been historically used for the entire act of erecting a falla in the city, from beginning to end. However, in the present day, this act doesn’t always happen in one go, and might actually take more than a few days. So we can say that now the word only really refers to the final act of a *falla’*s arrangement.

Plantá of Falla de Ayuntamiento - Fallas Valencia
The bigger fallas - like the one in Plaza del Ayuntamiento - can be extremely complex and large, requiring multiple days to finish.

After the Plantà the wood and papier-mâché compositions are considered complete and ready to be assessed by the judges, they cannot be modified or adjusted. They are supposed to have all their components, ornaments, ninots, and explicatory signs in place.

Since there are two main categories of fallas (fallas mayores for adults and fallas infantiles for kids), there also are two Plantà events.

Plantá - falla infantil being set up on the streets of Valencia
Fallas infantiles are normally smaller and can be set up in one go.

The Plantà infantil comes first, and it is usually the quicker of the two. In one night, all sculptures of this category are set up in the city, ready to be judged on the morning of the 15th of March. The fallas mayores’ arrangement can take quite a few days, depending on the size of the monument. However, the sculptures all have to be ready for the judges by the 16th.

The Plantà is a special moment of this festival, it is the event that puts an end to all the construction, assembly and working on the fallas. It is a bittersweet moment. People, both Valencians and visitors, will soon come out in the streets and admire the completed fallas. And that means that soon after the Cremà and its bonfires will come; the year’s cycle is coming to an end.

But it is also a time of coming together for all the artists, falleras, and falleros who put all their energy and hard work into making the sculptures. The night before the Plantà, excitement can be felt and heard in the streets of Valencia, the air is charged with trepidation and anticipation. Just like the last rehearsal before a play, all the people involved will come together and work together through the night to assemble these spectacular pieces.

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