Plantá - Fallero working on falla in Valencia


There really are two different Plantàs, the first one for the children’s fallas and the second for the fallas mayores.

Act of the Plantà
Type Fallas Mayores Fallas Infantiles
Act of the Plantà Night between 15th-16th March Night between 14th-15th March
Deadline 8:00 am on 16th March 8:00 am on 15th March

One to ten days

In the past, the sculptures were simple and small enough that they could be transported and put up completely on the day of the Plantà. However, with the evolution of the materials, techniques, and skills of the artists, they have become increasingly complex and voluminous.

This means that the larger fallas need much longer preparation. If you’re around Valencia on the days preceding the Plantà, you are likely to see the bigger fallas already being set up (up to 10 days before).

Closed street for Plantá - Fallas Valencia
On the days preceding the Plantà, you can expect a lot of streets to be closed off to allow the positioning of the fallas.

The deadline

The deadline indicates the time when judges will come to assess the sculptures and determine the various prize winners. To meet these deadlines the various artists and falleros will meet the night before, eat together in often improvised dinners, and get to work on the finishing touches at midnight.

In many cases, not even this official starting time is respected because the same artist tends to work on many fallas, and they will need time to visit them all. This means that sometimes, at 9:00 or 10:00 am on the 16th, you still might see the falleros completing their work.

Fallero working on falla during la Plantá in Valencia
The bigger the falla, the more lenient the deadline can be. This is especially because the same artists can work on several fallas every year.

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