Planta of Fallas

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This is Plantà in images.

Finished falla mayor in Valencia.
The bigger fallas are set up throughout different days right before the Plantà.
Worker setting up a falla in Valencia.
Setting up a falla is a lengthy process that in some cases requires days of construction work.
Falla in Plaza del Ayuntamiento under construction.
The biggest falla, in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, is also the slowest to put up.
Part of a falla wrapped in plastic in the streets of Valencia.
Fallas are made up of several components, so the Plantà often happens in sections.
Work in progress for the Plantà of the falla in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
If you’re in Valencia before the date of the Plantà, you get to see the complexity of the supporting structures put up to hold the fallas in their place.
Plaza del Ayuntamiento falla being set up for the Plantà.
Everything in the falla is made to burn perfectly on the day of the Cremà, including the supporting structure.
Detail of a falla set up for the Plantà.
If you pass by a falla, you’ll notice that it is standing on top of a protective layer of sand. This ensures the asphalt underneath won’t melt when the fallas are burnt
Two fallas set up next to one another for the Plantà.
Since the space in the city centre is limited, you’ll often see two or more fallas in close proximity in a square or street crossing.
Work station for the Plantà of a falla in Valencia.
The smaller fallas are usually mounted on a supporting structure all in one piece.
Fallas wrapped in plastic before the Plantà in Valencia.
Before the day of the Plantà, fallas are usually wrapped in plastic. This is to save the surprise but also to protect the sculptures in case of rain or bad weather.
Worker sticking two pieces of a falla together for the Plantà.
When the fallas are particularly large, different pieces have to be attached on site.
Worker spraying expanding foam to attach two sections of a falla.
The sections are supported by the structure but also sprayed with polyurethane foam to hold them together.

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