Tickets and passes for public transport in Valencia

In Valencia, there are many transport ticket options valid for buses, trams, and the metro. Some of them are combined, while others don’t share the same fare system. Here we’ll help you choose the option that best fits your needs.

Public transport discounts - 1st September to 31st December 2022

The Valencian government has introduced a discount on multi-journey transport passes.

The discounts bring the price of a SUMA 10 pass down to €5.60 (one zone), €8.40 (two zones), and €14.00 (three zones).

Bonobus tickets are brought down to €6.00.

Single tickets for metro, trams, and buses remain the same.

Free Transport Under 30 - 9th October - 31st December 2022

Free public transport (metro, trams, and buses) is available in Valencia for people under 30 years old.

To benefit from this initiative, users have to request their free transport card online. The only prerequisite is a Spanish DNI or NIE as proof of age.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing your ticket or pass. You should, for example, consider the duration of your stay, the number of times you plan to use the services, and which of them you will be using most.

Remember that Valencia is a great city to explore on foot and that it is also extremely bike-friendly, with an extensive bike-lane presence. That’s why we recommend alternating public transport with walking tours in the city centre.

To help you explore Valencia we have created our own selection of itineraries.

Public transport zones

For public transport use, the city is divided into three concentric areas (zonas in Spanish) and one overlap area. The majority of tickets and passes come in different zone-coverage options. Here you have an explanation of the different areas so that you can make the best choice with regards to your transport ticket.

  • Zone A is the biggest and most central one. It covers the city with its most important sightseeing spots, the old centre, the newer and trendy neighbourhoods, as well as the beach. The tram service runs mainly in this area. You will most likely be moving around zone A on your visit.
  • Zone A-B is the overlap area. Its function is to keep prices low for those that travel between bordering zones. People moving from these areas to the nearby zones A or B (and vice versa) will be able to get single-zone tickets. The municipalities belonging to this area are those of l’Horta - the larger urban area of Valencia.
  • Zone B is the area directly around A. It covers mostly small towns and municipalities belonging to the metropolitan areas of Camp de Turia (northeast of the city), Camp de Morvedre (north of the city), and Ribera (south of the city). You are not likely to visit this area, as it is of little tourist interest.
  • Zone C is equivalent to the airport. It serves the purpose of separating the airport from all other areas.
Map of the public transport zones in Valencia
Valencia’s transport zones A, AB, B, and C. As you can see, the city centre and the most relevant areas for tourists are all well within Zone A.

What ticket should you choose?

Public transport discounts - 1st September to 31st December 2022

The Valencian government has introduced a discount on multi-journey transport passes.

The discounts bring the price of a SUMA 10 pass (valid for metro, tram, buses, and railways) down to €5.60 (one zone), €8.40 (two zones), and €14.00 (three zones).

Bonobus tickets are brought down to €6.00.

Single tickets for metro, trams, and buses remain the same.

To help you choose the best ticket, here is a brief overview of available options. These are not all the available ticket and pass options, but they are the most interesting for tourists.

For example, there are monthly pass options (like SUMA Mensual and SUMA Mensual Jove). These have not been included, as you are not likely to need passes for that long, and obtaining them requires an appointment and documents.

More information about each option can be found in the other sections of this article.

More info
Ticket Single tickets Bonobus SUMA 10 SUMA T and T+ passes Valencia Tourist Card (24h, 48h, 72h)
Type One-way ticket. Valid either for EMT buses, metro, trams, or MetroBus. 10-journey bus ticket. Valid only for EMT buses (Zone A). 10-journey combination ticket. Valid for metro, trams, EMT buses, MetroBus, Cercanias Renfe. One, two, or three-day unlimited pass valid for EMT, metro, trams Metrobus and Renfe Cercanias. Pass and discount card. Available in 3 options (one, two, or three days).
Details Single tickets are not combination tickets, they don’t allow transfers between different transport methods.Time validity depends on zones included. One zone: 90 min. Two zones: 110 min.They generally come in paper (bus) or cardboard (metro). Only valid for city centre buses (EMT line). Each trip allows unlimited transfers between buses for 1 hour.Bonobus needs a hard plastic card. SUMA tickets allow one transfer between different transport methods or lines, within the selected area.You need to tap the ticket at every transfer.Time validity depends on zones. One zone: 90 min. Two/three zones: 110 min.They can be loaded on a cardboard or plastic card. Combination ticket. The “T” options are valid for zones A-B, while the “T+” ones also cover the airport (zone C).They can both be loaded on a cardboard or plastic card. Free public transport around the city. EMT buses, tram, and metro zones ABC (airport included). The card also guarantees free entry to museums and monuments, as well as discounts for tourist leisure services.The VTC comes on a plastic card.
Price* €1.50 (one zone)€2.80 (two-zones tickets)€4.80 (three-zones tickets). €8.50 €8 (one zone)€12 (two zones)€20 (three zones). €4.00/€8.00 (one day)€6.70/€10.00 (two days)€9.70/€12.00 (three days). €15.00 (one day)€20.00 (two days)€25.00 (three days).
More info

*Children under 10 may travel free of charge while accompanied by an adult with a valid transport ticket. A maximum of 2 children per adult is allowed.

If you still have a Bonometro or Bono Trasbordo (old transport passes, no longer available), you can still use them. They will be valid for another six months, starting January 31st, 2022.

You can also load your SUMA passes (except the monthly options) on a Móbilis card, either plastic or cardboard.

  • Metro Valencia ticket
    Metro Valencia tickets can be loaded on Móbilis cards. Pictured here is a cardboard Móbilis.
  • EMT Valencia ticket
    Single bus tickets are the only tickets that come printed on paper and don’t need to be validated after purchase.
  • Mobilis card Valencia
    Metro Valencia tickets can be loaded on Móbilis cards. Pictured here is a hard plastic Móbilis.
  • Valencia Tourist Card
    Valencia Tourist Cards always come in hard plastic, and they can be recycled after use.

Remember to always validate your travel card. Normally, in underground metro stations, you will find turnstile gates at entrance and exit points. You will need to tap your ticket or transport card on the red circle in order to open the swinging barriers and access the platforms. You will also need to tap on your way out with the same ticket.

However, in some above-ground stations (often located in the outskirts of the city), you will find free access to the platforms. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to tap your card. You must tap your card on the column-like access control devices (they have the same red circle as the other kind).

If you don’t do this and metro security checks your card, you will be fined. On the bus and at tram stations, you only need to validate once.

  • Woman validating a metro ticket
    In underground metro stations, you’ll find swinging barriers to access the platforms. To validate your ticket and open them, just tap your card on the red circle. You’ll need to do the same on your way out.
  • Machine to validate tram ticket in Valencia
    Tram stations and above-ground metro stations have column-like access control

People with severe disabilities (equal to or greater than 64% who require the care of someone for their displacement) can be accompanied by a person with the same transport title, provided they can prove their disability.

Our recommendations

If you don’t plan on using public transport more than three times a day, we would recommend using the 10-journey SUMA card.

The card is valid all across metro, bus, and suburban train services. It is a great option because it has virtually no expiration date, and it is not personal. This means they can be used by more people (up to 15), even on the same journey.

Another great pass is the Valencia Tourist Card (VTC). This discount card will give you free public transport (bus, metro, tram) in all zones, as well as discounts and free entries to many tourist sites. Just keep in mind that the VTC is only valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours, depending on the one you choose.

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