Cabalgata del Fuego

An incandescent and intriguing parade. Demonic and enigmatic silhouettes welcome fire into the city of Valencia, preparing the public for the arrival of the fallas’ Cremà

The Cabalgata del Fuego, also known as Cavalcada del Foc in Valencian, is a traditional parade held every year in Valencia right before the Cremà, the closing act of the Fallas festival. This extravagant Fire Ride goes through some of the most central streets of Valencia, acting as a prelude to the end of Fallas, a call for people to gather for the final bonfire.

The protagonists of the parade are the flames and the spectacle. You can expect to see dragons, snakes, demons, and all kinds of animals being depicted in the magnificent floats of the Cavalcada del Foc (Fire Cavalcade in Valencian). The fire eaters and dancers walk the streets of Valencia executing their evocative choreographies. Stilt walkers and acrobats produce uncanny shadows in the midst of smoke and colourful flames.

Parade participants of Cabalgata del Fuego - Fallas Valencia
The Cabalgata del Fuego features choreographed fire parades.

On the evening of the 19th of March, about 300 fire demons prepare Valencia for the arrival of the flames that will engulf the fallas all over the city. The Cabalgata del Fuego is a homage to fire, an act meant to prepare and excite people for the upcoming Cremà. The rhythm of the tabals and the tunes of the dolçainas follow the advancing procession towards Plaza Porta de la Mar. Here, the final fireworks will make the show even more colourful.

This expressive ritual creates an atmosphere of great expectation. Flames have been introduced and will remain the protagonists of the night until the last ambers of the burnt fallas finally turn to ashes later in the night.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cremà that follows the parade, you can read our article about it.

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