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L'Albà de les Falles

What better way to open the most hectic and exciting days of Fallas if not with an explosive firework display that takes over all of Valencia?

The Albà de les Falles, initially called Nit de l’Albà, is a celebration meant to open up the Semana Fallera, the most eventful and intense days of the Fallas festival. As a matter of fact, the Albà de les Falles is celebrated on the night between the 15th and the 16th of March. The following morning, Valencia will wake up to a city full of colourful and extravagant sculptures.

The celebration, like many others during the festival, consists of a firework display. During other similar events in Valencia - such as the Nit del Foc - the fireworks are set off from one location. The Albà de les Falles instead, really takes place all over the city.

Crowd watching L’Albá de les Falles in Plaza de Ayuntamiento in Valencia
Crowds start gathering early in Plaza del Ayuntamiento to witness the firework display.

On the eve of the fallas mayores’ Plantà, the Junta Central Fallera representatives and the Fallera Mayor will gather in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. At midnight, the Fallas Queen will give the order to fill the Valencian sky with colour and gunpowder.

Each of the 392 Fallas committees will thus set off fireworks from their own casal fallero. Thus, for a few minutes the entire Valencia blooms in the dark night. People stretch their necks to look up from the squares or lean over their balconies as colourful lights shoot up into the sky.

Still, many spectators prefer to gather in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where the main display takes place. Here, the show lasts the longest - over 10 minutes - and it involves a battery of 25 smaller (compared to the Mascletà or other Castillos de Fuegos Aritificiales) explosives that create a beautifully choreographed sequence of colours and rhythm.

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