Fireworks in Valencia Old Town during the night of Albá


Once experimented with and abandoned, the Albà de les Falles tradition was retrieved only recently.

  • 1942 Castillos de Fuegos Artificiales

    Firework displays were officially incorporated into the Fallas events programme for the first time.

  • 1966 First Albà

    Falla Na Jordana initiated the tradition, launching a small firework display on the eve of the fallas mayores’ Plantà. The event was then named Nit de l’Albà (Night of the Dawn).

  • 1967 Other committees join

    The city’s committees joined in this unison firing, repeated for its second year.

  • 1968-2015 Not celebrated

    The tradition fell into disuse.

  • 2016 Retrieval

    After not having been celebrated for 49 years, Falla Na Jordana successfully proposed to recover the tradition.

  • 2021 Albà de les Falles

    The name of the event was officially changed to Albà de les Falles (Fallas Dawn) to avoid confusion with the Nit de l’Albà celebrated in Elche in August.

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