Estación del Norte

The city’s main train station is a stop for more than fifteen lines, connecting Valencia with other regions and towns all across Spain.

This article focuses on the Estación del Norte as it pertains to transport. For details about the station as a tourist sight, take a look at our article about the Art Nouveau North Station in Valencia.

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Estación del Norte (North Station, in English) is Valencia’s main train station. Trains from all over Spain and the Valencia region begin or end their journeys here. Besides, the North Station is also one of the most famous Modernist buildings in the city.

The North Station has ten platforms operating different lines and types of trains. Here you can find short-distance (known as Cercanías), mid-distance (Media Distancia or MD), and long-distance (Larga Distancia) lines.

Cercanías train at Estación del Norte in Valencia
You can recognise the short-distance trains by their Cercanías logos.

What you won’t find here are the high-speed long-distance trains. For those, you’ll have to go to Valencia’s dedicated train station, Estación Joaquin Sorolla. You will find it just south of the North Station.

Estación del Norte offers all kinds of services to its travellers, like food and drinks, essential services, money exchange offices, shops, information centres, and even accommodation. In this article, you can find all the essential info about them, timetables included.

The station is at the southern edge of the city’s historical centre and thus well-integrated into the local transport network. If you are arriving in Valencia by train, you’ll find yourself in the centre in less than 5 minutes.

If, instead, you’re already here and you intend to visit nearby towns, going by train is an excellent option. Some of the most well-known destinations are Alicante and Xàtiva (in the Valencia region) or Albarracín and Cuenca (outside the region).

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