Torres de Quart

A stern defence gate that endured the attack of military troops and time, the Quart Towers stand today as an important remnant of the Valencian Middle Ages.

The Torres de Quart, also called Torres de Cuarte or Puerta de Quart (Quart Towers or Quart Gate in English) are two mediaeval defensive towers that stood as a gate to ancient Valencia.

They were once part of the city’s fortification walls, now dismantled. This fortification system consisted of twelve entrance gateways, connected by a long wall all around the city.

Today, the Puerta de Quart is one of the only two left standing. It is an important testament to what Valencia used to be in its Mediaeval Golden Age and to the importance the city held in the Mediterranean.

Throughout the centuries, the Quart Towers were repurposed to military uses other than defence, and this was likely the reason why they managed to survive to this day.

Torres de Quart seen from the streets of Valencia
From the side it is possible to appreciate the shape of the towers (cylindrical at the front and vertically sectioned at the back), which served military defence purposes.

The gate had a relatively peaceful history up until the beginning of the 1800s when a siege was laid to Valencia by the French troops, and the gate had to stand guard. The scars of this event can still be seen on the stone of the Towers.

Nowadays, you can appreciate this important piece of Valencian history from up close, climbing the steps of the Towers and enjoying the panoramic view over the old quarters.

What you will find is a prime example of Gothic military architecture, much more stern and concerned with practicality than other buildings of the same period in Europe. The austere appearance and lack of detailed decor give us a chance to appreciate the Gothic style in a new light.

The monument is a gate through time, standing between the city’s Old Town and the trafficked streets of modern Valencia. Thanks to its advantaged position, the Quart gate can be easily integrated into a tour of the city’s old quarters and its other Gothic buildings, or lead you on your way to visit Valencia’s Botanical Gardens.

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