Architecture of the Eixample neighbourhood in Valencia
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Eixample is, as the meaning of the name suggests, a modern expansion of the city centre, just southeast of Ciutat Vella. As such, its proportions are bigger than those of the Old Town. Especially in recent decades, it has become increasingly upscale.

The Eixample is the commercial and leisure area of Valencia. In it, you’ll find long streets dotted with department stores, designer boutiques, brunch cafes, bistros, and chic bars.

Stores in Eixample district in Valencia
The Eixample is known for its numerous shops and big brand stores.

The main attraction of the area are the streets themselves. You will find plenty of quirky venues to stop by, like the many vintage shops or literary and art spaces.

Because of the nature of this neighbourhood, we recommend you explore it on foot or by bike, but if you want to go somewhere specific, you’ll find numerous bus lines anywhere in Eixample.

Line 10 of the tram network cuts through Ruzafa. Other popular forms of transport in the area are electric scooters and taxis.

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Down below you can find out more about some of the most visited areas out of the three that make up the district.

Pla del Remei

Often considered part of the Granvia area, Pla del Remei is the northern section of the Eixample, the closest to the Old Town. Being the most commercial area, it is ideal if you’re interested in doing some shopping.

Calle Colón in Pla del Remei district in Valencia
Calle de Colón, in Pla del Remei, is famous for its large stores.

Pla del Remei develops between Carrer de Colón and Gran Vía del Marqués del Túria.

Here you’ll find popular department stores, banks, luxury brands, hotels, and gourmet food venues. The most well-known structure in the area is Colón Market, a striking brick-and-iron Modernist structure where you’ll find chic tapas and cocktail bars.

Mercat de Colón in Pla del Remei district in Valencia
Mercat de Colón is a well-known spot for drinks and nearby shopping.

A few of the sights and attractions you can find in Barrio Pla del Remei are:

Gran Vía

Gran Vía, the eastern neighbourhood of the Eixample, is one of the most expensive residential areas of Valencia.

Here you’ll find elegant architecture with pastel-coloured buildings and broad, homogeneous streets, which give the area its characteristic “fancy” feel.

Gran Vía in Valencia
The Gran Vías in Valencia are large avenues bordered by tall trees.

At night, the more affluent Valencian population can often be found here, enjoying high-end restaurants, disco pubs, and sophisticated bars. Wandering around the area during the daytime, you’ll see antique shops, co-working spaces, florists and interior decor stores.


Ruzafa (or Russafa) is probably the most well-known neighbourhood in Eixample, and the two get often conflated into one. This is certainly the hip area of Valencia, favoured by expats and artists.

Architecture of Ruzafa, Valencia
Here is a typical Ruzafa street. Large streets, cycling paths, trees to the side, and terrace cafes at each corner.

This barrio, rapidly gentrifying, is filled with retro shops, quirky art galleries, vintage stores, American-style bakeries and brunch cafes. Even though the area is best enjoyed just by wandering around, we recommend you pay a visit to the Mercat de Russafa.

Mercat de Russafa in Valencia
Mercat de Russafa is a staple of the neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood is known for its nightlife. In fact, in the evenings and at night, the whole area lights up with the numerous craft beer pubs, bars and outdoor-seating restaurants.

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