The taxis in Valencia

Valencia is usually best enjoyed by walking or cycling. However, taxis can be convenient if you're travelling with companions or a lot of luggage, especially for longer journeys.

During your stay, we recommend you explore the city on foot, on a bike, or by using public transport, but there will be instances in which getting a cab is the most practical solution.

For example, taxis are a great way to move between Valencia Airport and the city, particularly if you are travelling with other people, or if you are moving outside of public transport working hours.

Likewise, if you want door-to-door service, or are going to a destination that is not easily reached via other means of transport, a cab is the perfect solution to get you back to your accommodation quickly and comfortably. The same goes if you are in the city late at night after a long day of sightseeing.

Taxi lane in Valencia
Some streets in Valencia have lanes reserved for taxis. You can recognise them by road markings that indicate so.

Of course, taxis are not the cheapest option to move around, but they are relatively affordable compared to other big cities in Europe. What’s more important, they are surely the most comfortable and one of the fastest ways to reach your final destination. They also give you great flexibility, as they can pick you up and take you anywhere, and run 24 hours a day on any given day.

Traditional taxis in Valencia are white, with a light on top indicating whether they are vacant (green light) or not (orange light). The most popular ways to book a traditional cab are to either hail one along the road, find one at a taxi rank, or call the individual company. Depending on where you are in the city, any one of these three options might be more convenient.

Person stopping a taxi in the city centre of Valencia
When you hail a taxi in the street, try to stop by a spot where it’s easy for the driver to pull over.

For visitors with reduced mobility, Valencia has more than one wheelchair-accessible taxi company, but it is always highly suggested to reserve whenever possible, either through an app or phone call. Accessible taxi companies include Tele Taxi and Su Taxi .

In the next sections, we will explain how you can order a taxi in Valencia, either in the traditional ways or through an app, how fares are determined, what discounts and apps are available


VTC, which stands for Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor (tourism vehicles with private drivers) are what in English is referred to as PHV, or private hire vehicles. Remember that they are not the same as regular taxis.

Cabify car in Valencia
You can often spot private hire vehicles (VTCs, in Spanish) in the street. They normally have the company name printed on the sides and rear of the car.

The difference between the two is that you can hail a taxi on the street or book it through an app, but you can only book a VTC through an app. Some popular apps that let you book a VTC are Cabify and Uber (in other cities). However, not all of them work in every city. You can read more about them in our article about VTCs.

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The taxis in Valencia