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BIRG regional ticket

With a BIRG (Biglietto Integrato Regionale Giornaliero) ticket you can travel unlimitedly with all forms of public transportation, until midnight on the day of activation. It’s valid within all areas of the Lazio region, of which you choose the number of zones at the time of purchase.

The Lazio region is divided into six zones. Zone A corresponds to Rome and the subsequent zones cover the rest of the cities and towns in the region.

View map of transportation zones in the Lazio region

BIRG ticket prices vary depending on the zones you’ll be passing through, as shown in the table below:

Number of zones*
Number of zones* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Price €3.30 €6.00 €8.00 €9.30 €12.00 €14.00 €14.00
Details - - Useful for day trips from Rome to Tivoli.** - Allows transfers between Rome and Civitavecchia or Viterbo. - -

*The number of zones is calculated from the point of departure. For example, if you’re in Civitavecchia and want to go to Viterbo, you’ll only need a ticket for one zone (since both places are in zone D).

**The city of Rome (zone A, shown in dark red on the map) counts as two zones. If you want to make a trip from Rome to a destination in zone B (such as Tivoli), you’ll need to buy a three-zone ticket.

The BIRG ticket is valid for:

It’s important to mention that, like the other tickets and passes, the BIRG is not valid for journeys between Fiumicino airport and Rome.

Also, don’t forget to personalize your ticket with your first and last name when you use it for the first time. If you don’t do this, you risk a fine.

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