ATAC tickets

BIT ticket

The BIT (Biglietto Integrato a tempo) ticket is the most popular option because of its low cost and great simplicity. It’s particularly useful for occasional trips by public transportation.

The ticket is valid for 100 minutes after validation. During this time, it’s possible to make unlimited transfers between various bus, metro, tram, and suburban train lines, as long as it’s not necessary to enter the metro gates again.

For example, you can take the metro from a station on line A, change to line B, and then continue your journey by bus. You can also take the tram and continue by metro. Or you can even transfer between the metro and suburban trains.

The only thing that isn’t allowed, is leaving a subway station and continuing your journey via the same or another metro station with the same ticket.

Type of ticket
One-way ticket (BIT)
Type of ticket Price Details
One-way ticket (BIT) €1.50 It’s valid for 100 minutes and allows unlimited transfers with minor restrictions.

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