City buses of Rome

Due to the poor coverage of the metro, city buses are the most popular transportation method in Rome. You’ll likely take the bus during your stay, so it's important to know how to make use of this service.

Unlike the metro, Rome’s urban bus network covers the entire city. As a visitor, you’ll most likely need to use this transportation option to get to certain points of interest or to your accommodation (if it’s not located near a metro station). Therefore, you must know how to use the city buses and what tools are helpful for route planning.

Unfortunately, the use of buses has some drawbacks. One of the most obvious is that, as in any other major metropolis, traffic jams can cause delays on popular routes. However, the lack of information on lines and schedules is an additional factor that makes many visitors in Rome (and even some residents) avoid them as much as possible.

In case you prefer to avoid public busses, you can explore Rome by foot. If walking is not your thing, you also have the option to discover the city using tourist buses. These have specially designed routes for visitors that cover the main sights of the city, including audio guides. Another alternative is to book a guided tour. This is an ideal solution to avoid stress and worries of any kind.

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