Bus - Roma

How to use

The buses are easier to use than they might seem at first glance. Once you know which line to use and which stop to get off at, you don’t have much to worry about.

To find out which line and which stops are convenient for you to reach your destination, we recommend using the tools listed later in this article. Otherwise, you’ll have to use complex maps or ask other people for directions.

You’ll notice that, as in many other cities, most buses in Rome have three doors. You can get on and off using any of them. Also take into account that, especially during rush hour, many buses are overcrowded.

If you have a previously validated ticket or pass, you don’t need to do anything else but carry it around in case there is an inspection. Otherwise, you’ll need to validate your ticket by inserting it into one of the yellow machines located in the back and front of the vehicle.

In case the machines don’t work, follow this rule: write the date and time of the start of your journey on the ticket. If this isn’t possible due to the lack of a pen, don’t worry too much. You’ll only be checked if a ticket inspector gets on the bus.

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