Tickets and passes for public transportation in Rome

Rome's metro, buses, trams, and even suburban trains share the same fare system. This makes it even easier to choose the public transportation option that suits you best.

The duration of your stay in Rome and the number of times you plan to use public transportation are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right ticket or pass.

Remember that Rome is an excellent city to explore by foot, with sights at almost every corner. That’s why we recommend alternating the metro, city bus, and tram with walking tours in popular touristic areas.

Our recommendations

Usually, the BIT ticket is the most convenient option for visitors. Passes may seem attractive at first but are rarely economical. In most cases, you’d have to take a large number of rides per day, which is not necessary for most tourist itineraries.

If you have a contactless bank card (with NFC), it’s recommended to use the Tap&Go payment system. That way, it’s not necessary to buy tickets in advance for trajectories at a subway or train station.

You can also use several B+ apps to buy tickets before you arrive in Rome. This way, you can easily and quickly purchase e-tickets and have them scanned from your mobile.

Transportation services

Except for the BIRG ticket, all previously mentioned tickets are valid for the following public transportation services:

The tickets can be used for trips between Rome and Ciampino Airport (such as bus and metro combinations), but none are valid for journeys to or from Fiumicino Airport.

Traveling without a valid ticket

In the case of the metro, all stations have access gates. This makes it impossible to enter the platforms without a valid ticket or pass.

On the other hand, there is no control of any kind when boarding public buses and ticket inspections are not very frequent. However, we obviously recommend that you always carry a valid ticket with you to avoid fines during checks.

The amount of a fine starts at €100 and increases depending on the ticket you should have bought. If you pay the fine immediately, it’s halved.

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Tickets and passes for public transportation in Rome