The taxis in Rome

Rome is a city that is usually best enjoyed walking. However, taxis can sometimes be useful for long-distance journeys, especially if you're traveling with companions or a lot of luggage.

Compared to other European capitals, cabs in Rome are relatively affordable, but regular use of them can be expensive and impractical. During your visit, it’s best to explore the city by foot and use public transportation, saving the use of cabs for specific situations.

For instance, taxis can be a good alternative to reach Rome from Ciampino and Fiumicino airports when you’re traveling in a group of three or four people. Likewise, after a long day of sightseeing, it’s a perfect solution to get back to your accommodation quickly and comfortably.

If you decide to take a cab, it’s important to make sure it’s an official (licensed) one. They’re easy to recognize: they are white, have a sign with the license number on the doors and a sign with the word TAXI on the roof.

Any vehicle that does not have these features and offers cab services is illegal (unfortunately a common occurrence in Rome). Illegal cabs often don’t use a taximeter and charge excessively high fares. Later in this article, we explain how to avoid them.

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