Taxis - Roma

Safety tips

Most local cab drivers are honest and do an excellent job. But unfortunately, as in many touristic areas, there are also drivers who want to take advantage of visitors who aren’t aware of the rules and the official rates.

Therefore, always ask the driver in advance how much the ride will cost. This way you avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises.

At Ciampino and Fiumicino airports, for example, you must beware of people who assertively offer cab services. Official taxis aren’t allowed to promote their services in this way. If someone does offer you a ride like this, you can be sure that they’ll try to overcharge you.

Although they’re a minority, there are also licensed cab drivers who try to take advantage of tourists in Rome. Think, for example, of situations where the driver takes a detour to your destination, charges unjustified fees, “forgets” to turn on the taximeter, or creates confusion about the final payment.

Luckily, these situations can easily be avoided. Use common sense and stay alert for abnormalities. Remember that it’s essential to always use official cabs that are white-colored, have a sign with the license number on it, the official “Roma Capitale” symbol, and a sign with the word TAXI on the roof.

It’s also helpful to use apps like Google Maps or Waze during your ride to check if the route chosen by the cab driver is the most convenient one.

If you suspect something is wrong, make a note of the cab driver’s license number and name. These details are listed on a plate located on the left rear door of the vehicle. Make sure the driver is aware of this as well, that should be enough to deter attempts of fraud. If not, notify that you’ll call the police to solve the problem (112).

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