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COTRAL regional bus

Without a doubt, the regional COTRAL buses are the cheapest option, but also the most complicated one getting from Fiumicino Airport to Rome. The buses stop at key points in Rome from where you can continue your journey to any point in the city.

This is the most appealing option if your priority is to save as much money as possible and you don’t have a lot of luggage. It can also be useful for traveling to the Termini or Tiburtina train stations in the early morning, as there is a bus that covers that route at night.

However, most of the time, using the regional buses isn’t worth it. First, you can’t buy tickets in Terminal 3. You have to go to a tobacconist in Terminal 1 for tickets. The buses are slow, uncomfortable, and have very irregular schedules. The fare system can also be confusing.

COTRAL buses in Rome Stephen Rees
Regional buses are one of the cheapest options for getting from Fiumicino Airport to Rome. However, faster and more comfortable alternatives are available.

Lines and stops

In total, three COTRAL regional bus lines are connecting Rome to Fiumicino Airport:

Travel time
Line Fiumicino - Termini - Tiburtina Fiumicino - Cornelia Fiumicino - Eur Magliana
Type Night time Day time Day time
Travel time 40-45 min. 80 min. 50 min.
Details This line stops at Termini and Tiburtina train stations. It can be useful to make connections with the night time buses in Rome. Due to its long travel time, the trip can be exhausting. It connects to metro line A at Cornelia Station. Connects to the EUR Magliana Station on metro line B.


Ticket prices vary depending on the final destination and place of purchase. If purchased on board the bus, a special fare must be paid which is significantly higher than the normal fare, thus eliminating the economic advantage of this service.

Price (bought in advance)
Price (bought onboard)
Destination EUR Magliana Cornelia Termini or Tiburtina
Price (bought in advance) €2.80 €3.40 €5.00
Price (bought onboard) €7.00 €7.00 €7.00

For routes to EUR Magliana and Cornelia, a ticket known as a BIRG ticket can also be used. It costs €8.00 and includes unlimited travel on all public transportation in Rome until midnight on the day you validate it. Unfortunately, the BIRG ticket is not valid for night trips between Fiumicino Airport and Termini or Tiburtina stations.

Furthermore, one-way tickets for COTRAL buses are single-use and are not valid for connections to the metro or buses in Rome.

Tickets for COTRAL services are usually bought at tobacconists and kiosks. At Fiumicino airport, as noted above, they can be purchased at the tobacconist called “Titoli” in Terminal 1 by entering the door near the COTRAL stop next to the taxi stand. Follow signs and maps to Terminal 1.

Unfortunately, the tobacconist closes at 9:30 pm, so if you arrive too late you may have to pay the higher €7.00 fare when you board the bus.


As mentioned above, COTRAL buses have irregular schedules that change throughout the year. However, below you will find details that tend to be constant:

Line Fiumicino - Termini - Tiburtina (night time) Fiumicino - Cornelia (day time) Fiumicino - EUR Magliana (day time)
Schedule* Five departures between 1:45 am and 5:45 am. Fifteen departures between 5:10 am and 8:10 pm. Fifteen departures between 5:30 am and 9:00 pm.
Exceptions Only three departures on Saturdays. Only thirteen departures on Sundays and holidays. Slechts elf vertrek momenten op zon- en feestdagen.

*Please note that this information could become obsolete at any time. For details on the timetables for the day of your arrival, it’s best to check the COTRAL website (only available in Italian).

To check the schedule for the day of your arrival, select “Orari” from the main menu. Then enter “Aeroporto di Fiumicino” as origin and “EUR Magliana”, “Cornelia”, “Tiburtina” or “Termini” as destination, depending on which one pertains to you.

Luggage restrictions

There are no restrictions on the amount of luggage that can be transported on COTRAL regional buses. However, we don’t recommend using this service if you’re traveling with more than just a carry-on.

Location of the bust station

The COTRAL bus stop is not the same as the other bus services. It’s located near Terminal 2. To get there, just follow the signs inside the airport indicating the way to the “Regional Bus Stop”.

COTRAL buses suit you if…

  • You value saving over comfort.
  • You travel light.
  • You arrive early in the morning.
  • Your final destination is close to one of the stops along the route.
  • You don’t care how long the journey takes

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