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Taxis are not exactly cheap, but they’re one of the most comfortable and fastest options to reach your final destination in Rome from Fiumicino Airport.

A trip from the airport to the Termini area usually takes about 40 minutes and has a fixed cost of €48.00.

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Unfortunately, cab drivers in Rome generally have a bad reputation. But if you take the right precautions and use common sense, you can take a cab without any problems.


Taxi fares are regulated by the Municipality of Rome and are fixed for the following journeys from Fiumicino airport.

Destination Rome Center (inside the Aurelian Wall)* Ciampino Airport Tiburtina Station Ostiense Station Civitavecchia Harbour
Price €48.00 €50.00 €55.00 €45.00 €120.00

*This fare applies only on trips to destinations within the zone inside the Aurelian Walls in Rome, marked in orange on this map drawn up by the Municipality of Rome .

For trips to any destination outside the Aurelian Walls, but within the round highway surrounding Rome (Grande Raccordo Anulare), the cost of the trip won’t exceed €70.00.

These fares are for a maximum of four passengers with luggage. You can generally pay via credit card although you should confirm this with the driver at the beginning of the trip. Verify your driver knows the location of your destination.

For details on extra fees for luggage and extra passengers, see our guide to using Rome’s taxis.

Tips for taking a taxi from Fiumicino airport

Most local cab drivers are honest and do an excellent job. But as in many touristic areas, there are unfortunately drivers who want to take advantage of visitors.

Therefore, it’s important to always ask the cab driver in advance how much the ride will cost. This way, you avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises.

Be on the lookout for persons who persuasively offer taxi services at the airport. This is because official cabs are not allowed to promote their services in this way. If someone offers you a ride like this, you can be pretty sure that they’ll try to overcharge you.

Official cabs in Rome are white and, according to the city government’s rules, must display a sign on the outside of the front doors showing the license number. Also, the official “Roma Capitale” sign and the fixed fares for rides from both Ciampino and Fiumicino airports must be visible.

Ordering a taxi via the Free Now app (formerly My Taxi)

There are several apps to book taxi rides via your smartphone. Unfortunately, many of these applications don’t work well and therefore we don’t recommend using them.

However, there is one exception. Free Now, a service formerly known as My Taxi. We tested this one out, with excellent results.

The app is user-friendly and an ideal alternative to avoid long lines for a taxi stand. It’s also a convenient solution for night rides to ensure that you’re traveling with a licensed cab that respects the official rates.

To use the Free Now app, you can register easily in just a few minutes. When you want to order a taxi, the app automatically detects your location and will request to enter your destination.

With this data, the app calculates the estimated cost of the trip and offers various vehicle options. In addition to the typical Renault Sedan, it’s often possible to reserve vehicles with up to eight seats or other requirements.

Payments can be made directly in the app via PayPal or credit card. However, it’s also still possible to pay with cash at the end of the ride.

Download the Free Now app for iPhone

Download the Free Now app for Android phones

Location of the taxi stand

There are taxi stops located outside the arrivals areas of Terminals 1 and 3. There are plenty of signs at the airport indicating the way, so you should have no problem finding them.

Luggage Restrictions

One piece of luggage is allowed per passenger (free of charge). For each additional piece of luggage with dimensions larger than 35x25x50 cm (14x10x20 in), €1.00 will be charged.

The amount of luggage that can be taken depends on the space available in the vehicle.

A taxi suits you if…

  • You want door-to-door service.
  • Your top priority is comfort.
  • You want to avoid a long queue at a taxi stand.
  • You prefer not to travel during rush hour.
  • You travel in a group of three or four people.

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