Aeroporto Fiumicino

Regional train FL1

If your final destination in Rome is not in the Termini Station area, then the FL1 regional train may be your best option. We recommend this option, however, only if your destination is near a stop on this line.

FL1 regional train in Fiumicino Jeremy Vandel
The FL1 train connects Fiumicino Airport with several destinations in and outside of Rome. This is a relatively inexpensive option, but not always the most practical.


This service has stops south and east of Rome from which you can connect with the metro, tram, or city bus to reach any part of the city.

The stops of the FL1 train are as follows:

Travel time
Stop Trastevere Ostiense Tuscolana Tiburtina
Travel time 27 min. 34 min. 41 min. 48 min.
Details Station in Trastevere neighborhood, southwest of Rome. No connection to the metro. Has a connection to Piramide Station on metro line B. Useful to reach the Colosseum zone. Located about 3 km south of Termini. No connection to the metro. About 2.5 km northeast of Termini. It has no connection to the metro.

If you’d like to use the FL1 train to get to the Termini area, you’ll need to get off the train at Ostiense, and then ride the connection to Piramide Station on the B metro line. From there you can reach Termini in 7 minutes, passing through stations of interest such as Colosseo and Circo Massimo.


The price of a one-way ticket to any of the four stations mentioned above is €8.00. Tickets can be purchased at the automatic machines or on Trenitalia’s website .

Ticket type
Ticket type One-way Round trip
Price €8.00 €16.00

All tickets, except those purchased online, must be validated before boarding at one of the green machines located on the platforms. If you don’t do this and are stopped during a checkpoint, you’ll get fined.

As with the Leonardo Express service, no ticket or pass for public transportation in Rome is valid for travel from Fiumicino Airport on the FL1. Likewise, the FL1 ticket from this terminal is not valid for public transportation either.

So, if you must take the metro or a bus from an FL 1 stop to get to your destination, the total cost of your transfer could be €9.50 (assuming you buy a €1.50 BIT ticket).

The service of the FL1 line trains is free for:

  • Children under 4 years old
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 12 (one child per adult)
  • Small pets in appropriate kennels
  • Service dogs


This line leaves Fiumicino in intervals of approximately 15 minutes from 5:57 am until 11:57 pm every day. At night, the intervals are a bit longer.

The schedule for the day of your arrival can be found on the Trenitalia website .

Luggage restrictions

Similar to the Leonardo Express, there are no restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring on board Trenitalia. That said, the FL1 regional trains do not have a dedicated space for luggage, and therefore is only recommended if you’re not traveling with a lot of luggage.

Location of the train station

The Fiumicino airport train station is located in front of Terminal 3. It’s not necessary to exit the terminal. Follow the signs posted in the airport.

FL1 regional trains suit you if…

  • Your final destination is near Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana or Tiburtina station.
  • You want to avoid possible traffic jams in Rome.
  • You have little to no luggage.

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