Aeroporto Ciampino
How to get to Rome from Ciampino airport

Terravision bus

If you want to avoid complex transfers between city buses or the high prices of cabs, Terravision buses are the perfect solution. They allow you to reach the Termini train station in a non-stop ride of 40 minutes.

Other bus operators offer similar services but Terravision is the most recommended. This company specializes in transfers to and from airports throughout Europe and due to its large volume of travelers can offer the lowest prices.

Consider Terravision buses even if your final destination is not in the city center. Since Termini is the major connection point of the city, you can easily reach any other area from there by metro or city buses.

Moreover, when traveling with Terravision buses, it’s possible to spot some sights on the way to Termini. Therefore, if possible, choose a seat on the left side of the bus. This way, you can get a better view of the archaeological remains of the Villa dei Quintili (a few minutes after the start of the journey), the Basilica of St. John Lateran, and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (both near the Termini station).

Terravision bus Eddie
Terravision specializes in transfers to and from airports throughout Europe and due to its large volume of travelers can offer the lowest prices.


Terravision’s buses begin their journey from a stop in the city of Ciampino. From there, they head to the airport to pick up passengers and then travel directly to the Termini train station.

Stop Travel time Details
Termini 40 min. The stop is located on the southwest side of Termini train station, along Via Giovanni Giolitti.


If you buy your tickets online, a one-way trip costs only €6.00. A round-trip ticket costs €11.00 (saving you €1.00).

If you want to buy a ticket at the airport (depending on seat availability), the price for a one-way ticket will be as high as €8.00.

All children under the age of four, travel for free by Terravision’s buses.

Type of ticket
Airport price
Online price*
Type of ticket One-way Round-trip
Airport price €8.00 -
Online price* €6.00 €11.00

*You can buy tickets online up to two hours before departure. If you arrive at the airport without a ticket, you can buy one at the Terravision bus stop, depending on seat availability.

Regardless of the type of ticket you need, it’s best to buy it online. That way, you’re assured of a better price and a seat on the bus that is more convenient for you in terms of departure time.

If your flight is delayed, tickets purchased online are still valid for a later departure, depending on available seats.

At the end of the purchase process, it’s not necessary to print the tickets. You can show them to the bus staff in digital format (e.g. on your smartphone) before boarding. If you bought a round-trip ticket, you must show both tickets to the driver when you board. He/she will give you a coupon that you can use for the return trip to Ciampino Airport.

You can buy your tickets directly on the Terravision website .


Due to health measures to control COVID-19, Terravision’s schedule has been temporarily changed. Currently, there are three to six departures per day between 8:35 am and 19:55 pm.

Previously, there were daily departures at a frequency of approximately 50 minutes between 8:15 am and 11:40 pm.

However, departure times can change at any time. We recommend you check the updated schedule for the day of your arrival on Terravision’s website .

Luggage restrictions

Terravision has no limit when it comes to the amount of luggage you can bring, as long as there’s enough room in the designated areas on the bus.

Hand luggage can be taken on board if it’s compact enough to fit in the overhead compartments.

Larger items such as ski equipment, bicycles, wheelchairs, etc. can generally be transported without a problem. Please contact Terravision in advance to verify availability and additional costs (if any).

Location of the bus stop

The stop for the Terravision buses is number 1, just outside the terminal. The airport is small and when you exit, the bus stops are the first thing you see.

Terravision buses suit you if…

  • You’re looking for a cheap and comfortable way to get to Rome.
  • Your destination is in the center of Rome.
  • You prefer a direct route.
  • You want to avoid complications when using public transportation.

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