Aeroporto Ciampino
How to get to Rome from Ciampino airport

ATRAL bus + metro

The bus company ATRAL offers a service connecting Ciampino Airport with the Anagnina district, where there’s a subway station of line A and a regional bus station of COTRAL.

This connection is especially useful if you want to reach other cities in the Lazio region by bus. If you want to travel to Rome by metro, it’s best to opt for ATAC city buses. These are cheaper and have more departure times.

ATRAL bus at Ciampino Airport Ric Garrido
ATRAL buses are useful to make connections with COTRAL regional buses. At Ciampino Airport, they depart from bay number 4.

Interesting stations on metro line A

The ride from Ciampino Airport to Anagnina by ATRAL buses is non-stop. In case you decide to continue your journey by metro, these are some interesting stations on line A:

Travel time*
Station Anagnina Ponte Lungo Termini Spagna Ottaviano
Travel time* 20 min. 34 min. 43 min. 47 min. 52 min.
Details This route is covered by bus. Anagnina is the departure point for several regional buses of COTRAL. This station is connected to the Tuscolana regional train station. This is the main hub of Rome where many city bus lines stop. This station is only a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna. This station is ideal if your destination is near the Vatican.

*The indicated travel time doesn’t include waiting or transfer times at stops and platforms.


A one-way ticket for the ATRAL bus costs €1.20. To travel by metro from Anagnina station, you need to buy an additional BIT ticket for €1.50.

Type of ticket
Type of ticket A one-way ticket for an ATRAL bus ride BIT ticket for a subway ride
Price €1.20 €1.50

Bus tickets can be purchased at the tourist information point at the airport or directly from the driver. BIT tickets are sold at the Anagnina metro station or the ATAC bus stop at the airport.


There are 25 daily departures of ATRAL buses from Ciampino Airport. Services have a frequency of 30 to 50 minutes between 06:15 am and 10:40 pm.

The updated schedule can be consulted on ATRAL’s website .

Luggage restrictions

There are no restrictions regarding the number of pieces of luggage that can be taken on ATRAL buses and the subway of Rome. However, it’s not recommended to use these transportation options if you’re traveling with more than hand luggage.

Location of the bus stop

The stop for the ATRAL buses is number 2, just outside the terminal. When you leave the airport, the bus stops are the first thing you see.

The ATRAL bus and subway combination suits you if…

  • You can’t use the ATAC buses for some reason.
  • You’re looking for a relatively cheap travel option.
  • You don’t mind transferring with luggage.
  • Your destination is close to one of the stations of metro line A.

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