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How to get to Rome from Ciampino airport

Car sharing apps

These applications are an attractive alternative for those who like to drive and want more mobility. A car-sharing service allows you to rent a car for a short period, paying only for the time you use it (from a few minutes to a few days) and the kilometers you drive.

At Ciampino Airport, two companies called Share Now and Enjoy offer this service. Both have reserved parking spots for their cars in the P5 parking lot, which is located a few meters to the right as you exit the terminal.

If you register in advance and activate your account, you can book a car in advance and pick it up at the parking lot. We recommend you register 1-2 days before arrival because verifying your driver’s license can often take a while.

Cars of Share Now in Rome
Car sharing is an ecological alternative that has grown rapidly in popularity in cities with mobility problems, such as Rome.

How it works

Picking up a car goes the same way with both companies. Check the app to see if a vehicle is available in the parking lot and book it (if you hadn’t already) to unlock the car doors.

The exact instructions may vary by the rental company but the app will clearly guide you through all the steps.

You don’t need a ticket to leave the P5 parking lot. As soon as you approach the exit, the barrier will raise automatically thanks to the license plate reader.

When you no longer need the car, you can park it in any free spot within the designated area in the app or use one of the special car-sharing parking spots in the streets of Rome. Please, note that it’s forbidden to leave the car in a private parking lot. If you do this by mistake, you may face problems with the rental company.

Terms of service

The basic requirements to use car-sharing services in Rome are a valid driver’s license, a credit card, and a smartphone to use the app. In some cases, rental companies may also ask for a European health card or information about your health insurance.

However, all requirements are clearly listed during the registration process of both apps.

Rental prices with Share Now

Share Now rates vary depending on the car chosen and the demand at the time of rental. In Rome, the current minimum rate for a two-seater is €0.19 per minute, while a four-seater has a minimum rate of €0.29 per minute.

Minimum rates are rarely available, in most cases, you will end up paying a little more per minute. In the case of temporary rentals from Ciampino Airport, a one-time fee of €5.99 is also added to the total price.

You can see an approximate cost to get to Termini, Trastevere, or the Vatican with the different vehicles available in the following table. Keep in mind that these calculations are based on minimum rates. The actual cost at the time of arrival will probably be higher, depending on the current demand at that time.

The minimum cost for a two-seater car
The minimum cost for a four-seater car
Destination Termini Vaticano or Trastevere
The minimum cost for a two-seater car €11.69 €13.59
The minimum cost for a four-seater car €14.69 €17.59

*These calculations include additional airport fees and the estimated travel time of 30 minutes to Termini, and 40 minutes to the Vatican and Trastevere. A one-time validation fee of €9.00 is included for a new account, which is charged during the registration process.

Visit the Share Now website for more information (available in English).

Rental prices with Enjoy

Enjoy has similar rates, but offers only one type of car, the Fiat 500.

The price per minute for renting with Enjoy is €0.25. It’s also possible to rent a car for a whole day for €50,00. Longer rentals are allowed, up to 15 days, with a rate of €40,00 per day.

In addition, there is a one-time fee of €4.50 for renting a car from Ciampino Airport. If you need to create a new account and don’t register with an Italian driver’s license, you pay a one-time fee of €10.00 for the validation of your documents. Half of it (€5.00), will be returned as a credit to be used on your first booking.

There are also some limits on the number of kilometers. If these are exceeded, you’ll have to pay more. The total calculation of the costs will be shown in the Enjoy app at the end of the rental period.

In the table below, you can see an estimate of the cost to get to Termini, Trastevere, or the Vatican with this service:

Approximate cost*
Destination Termini Vaticano or Trastevere
Approximate cost* €12.00 €14.50

*These calculations include airport fees and the estimated travel time of 30 minutes for Termini and 40 minutes for Vatican City and Trastevere. It doesn’t include the cost of verifying non-Italian documents (€10.00) which is charged at registration.

Check out Enjoy’s website for more information (available in English).

Location of the parking lot

The cars of both companies have their reserved spots in the P5 parking lot, located on the right side of the Ciampino Airport exit.

Luggage restrictions

Apart from the space available, there’s no specific limitation on the amount of luggage that can be transported in short-term rental vehicles.

Car-sharing apps suit you if…

  • You like to drive.
  • You have a valid driver’s license and a credit card.
  • You like to support sustainable mobility projects.
  • You travel in a group of up to four people.
  • You don’t mind dealing with the traffic in Rome.

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