Aeroporto Ciampino

Ciampino Airlink

The Ciampino Airlink is a relatively new service offered by Trenitalia in cooperation with the bus company ATRAL. It offers a bus and regional train connection between Ciampino Airport and Termini (in central Rome).

The biggest advantage of this service is the favorable price of only €2.70. The travel time is about 50 minutes, slightly longer than by bus.

Ciampino Airlink is a great way to reach Termini from Ciampino Airport. However, take into account the double waiting times (at the bus stop and on the train platform) and in case you have a lot of luggage, it might not be the most convenient option.

Ciampino Airlink bus in Rome
Ciampino Airlink buses are operated by ATRAL and connect Ciampino Airport to the train station in approximately 10 minutes.


As mentioned earlier, you must first take a bus to Ciampino train station, a 10-minute ride. Once at the station, you need to transfer to a regional train that will take you to Termini. This journey takes 30 minutes.

Travel time*
Stop Ciampino train station Termini train station
Travel time* 10 min. 40 min.
Details This ride is operated by ATRAL buses. This journey is operated by regional trains from Trenitalia.

*The travel time in this table doesn’t take into account possible waiting times on the platforms of the Ciampino train station.


A Ciampino Airlink ticket costs €2.70 per person and is valid for a single journey. It covers both bus and train journeys but is not valid for connections with the metro or city buses in Rome.

Type of ticket
Type of ticket One-way
Price €2.70

You can buy your ticket in advance through the app or via Trenitalia’s website . You can also buy them directly at Ciampino Airport, at the tourist information point in the arrivals hall.

The Ciampino Airlink service is free of charge for:

  • Children under 4 years old
  • Small pets in appropriate kennels
  • Service dogs


ATRAL buses have regular departure times between 20 and 40 minutes, with a total of 44 departures throughout the day. The first is at 05:50 am and the last at 11:30 pm.

The schedules of regional trains change frequently, so it’s not practical to list them here.

You can check the specific timetable for your day of arrival directly on the Trenitalia website . Make sure to enter “Ciampino Aeroporto” as your departure point and “Roma Termini” as your destination to get the correct information.

Luggage restrictions

There are no restrictions regarding the number of pieces of luggage that can be carried on Ciampino Airlink buses and Trenitalia regional trains. However, it’s recommended to use this service only when traveling with hand luggage.

Location of the bus stop

The stop for the ATRAL buses is number 4, just outside the terminal. The airport is small and when you leave it, the bus stops are the first thing you see.

Ciampino train station is about 4 km from the airport.

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