Palatino - Roma

Location and how to get there

Being in the central area of the city, Palatine Hill can be reached by various means of public transportation , by taxi, or by foot.

By metro

The Palatine is located between the two stops of the Colosseum and Circus Maximus (metro line A). Therefore, choose one of the two to get off and walk to the entrance on Via di San Gregorio.

A single ticket (BIT) costs €1.50, but there are also metro tickets for 24h, 48h, 72h hours, or for one week available.

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See details on tickets and subscriptions for public transportation in Rome.

By bus

You can use any of the following city bus lines to reach Palatine Hill. All of them stop at San Gregorio, right in front of the park entrance.

Origin and destination
Line 51 75 81 85 87 118 C3
Origin and destination It connects the San Giovanni metro station to an area near the Trevi Fountain, passing through the Palatine area. It connects the area of Termini to that of Trastevere and Monteverde. It has several stops near the Palatine and Colosseum. It connects the Vatican to areas of little tourist interest east of Rome. It stops at Piazza Venezia, Circo Massimo, Palatino and the Colosseum. It connects the area of Termini to Piazza Venezia and the Palatine district. It extends to the south-east of Rome, towards areas of little tourist interest. Its route is very similar to that of line 85, but the last stop is located north of Castel Sant’Angelo. Useful to visit some places of interest such as Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus, and even the Baths of Caracalla. Operating only on weekends, its itinerary is very useful for visiting places of interest in the center of Rome.

The city buses use the same tickets that are also valid for the metro, tram, and suburban train. The cost of a single bus ticket is therefore always €1.50 (BIT) and is valid for all other means of public transportation.

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See details about tickets and subscriptions for public transportation in Rome.

By tram

Lines 3 and 8 stop at the Parco Celio stop, right across the Palatine entrance. Line 3 connects the Trastevere district with Villa Borghese in a route that circles Rome to the east, while line 8 connects Casaletto (in the west of the city, outside the center of Rome) with Piazza di Porta Maggiore, in the center.

BIT tickets for €1.50 (for a single journey) can be used for Rome’s tram network, as well as other available public transportation options.

Find more info about the trams in Rome.

See details about tickets and subscriptions for public transportation in Rome.

By taxi

Cabs are the most convenient, but also the most expensive option to get anywhere in the city center. A ride from Termini station takes around 10 minutes and costs about €8.00.

In Rome, it’s difficult to grab a cab on the street. It’s more common to get one at a cab stand or order one by phone or an app.

There are some precautions and other things to consider when using cabs in Rome. For detailed information, check out our guide on this:

Guide to using taxis in Rome.

By foot

We believe that the best way to discover Rome is by walking.The Palatine is located in the heart of the ancient capital. That’s why it’s easy to include the Palatine in a walking tour that includes visits to other sites of great interest in the area.


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Location and how to get there