Palatino - Roma

Useful tips

  • Remember that the Roman Forum, the Palatine, and the Colosseum are part of one archaeological zone, so the tickets available allow access to all three attractions.
  • We recommend you buy your ticket online . This way you avoid long queues at the entrance.
  • If you want to visit this area spontaneously, it’s best to start your walk at the entrance of the Roman Forum or at that of the Palatine. Unlike the entrance to the Colosseum, the queues there are usually shorter to get in.
  • If you have to choose a time for your visit (online ticket), it’s only for access to the Colosseum. For the Forum Romanum and the Palatine, you don’t need to do this.
  • As for security checks, before the entrance to the Palatine (along Via di San Gregorio) handbags and backpacks are usually checked manually.
  • Please, note that there are no lockers or checkrooms available. Small and medium-sized backpacks are allowed but you will have to carry them all the time.

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