Waving a taxi down in Valencia

How to get a taxi

There are many ways to get a taxi, some more traditional and others more modern. You can, for example, hail a cab in the street or approach one of the many taxi ranks in the city.

If you know that you will need a taxi at a specific time, or you are in a less-trafficked area, you can either call a cab company on your phone or book a vehicle through an app. Whichever one you prefer, we will walk you through the available options in Valencia.

Hailing a taxi on the go

The cheapest options are to stop a taxi on the street or to go to a cab stand. Keep in mind that the taxis you can stop along the road or get at a taxi rank in Valencia are white, with a green light on the top indicating their availability.

Hailing taxis in Valencia
If you want to hail a taxi in the street, all you need to do is find a taxi with their green LIBRE light on, and raise your hand making a gesture like the one in the picture.

There are plenty of cabs in the city, so unless you are in an isolated or particularly quiet area, you will have no problem catching a taxi like this. To stop a cab along the street, you just need to get close to the edge of the pavement and wave at a taxi with a green light.

Taxi stands

On some occasions, it might be easier to go to a taxi stand. There are taxi ranks located all over the city, many of them close to places of interest, like the one near the Turia metro stop, not far from the Botanical Garden, the one in front of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, or the one in Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo, close to the Mercat de Colón.

Taxi stand in Valencia
You’ll find taxi ranks all over the city. If you want to get a cab this way, you should always go to the first one in line.

Of course, there are also taxi stands by Valencia’s main points of connection. Some of these are at the Airport (in front of the Arrivals gate), near the main train station (along the side of the Estación del Norte, and nearby, in front of the Plaza de Toros), and in front of the Bus Station.

To find the closest taxi rank to you, you can always type “paradas de taxi” on Google Maps. When you have found one, just go to the taxi that is first in line.

By app

If you don’t speak Spanish, prefer not to talk on the phone, or just want to have a more precise idea of how much money your journey will cost, you can use a number of taxi apps in Valencia.

Booking Cabify in Valencia
If you are not in a busy area, it will probably be easier to book a taxi through an app.

For more info about them, you check the section of this article about taxi apps in Valencia.

By phone

Another option, if you don’t want to wait for an available taxi or if you can’t see any around you, is to order one by directly calling the company. Keep in mind that by doing this, there normally is an extra cost, as you will be paying from the moment the taxi starts driving towards your location. Some traditional taxi companies are:

Accessible taxis

For visitors with reduced mobility, Valencia has more than one wheelchair-accessible taxi company, but it is always highly suggested to reserve in advance whenever possible. Accessible taxi companies include Tele Taxi (+34 963 571 313) and Su Taxi (+34 633 384 492).

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How to get a taxi