Taxi light in Valencia
The taxis in Valencia

Useful tips for catching a cab

  • In Valencia, most local cab drivers are honest and do an excellent job. However, to avoid being taken advantage of, make sure you are always getting on an official taxi or a vehicle booked via a safe app. In Valencia, official taxis are white with a green light on top. Inside, they always have a taximeter and they display the official fares approved by the Generalitat Valenciana .
Taxi fare information in Valencia
Official taxi fares are always displayed inside the cabs. They usually are behind the driver’s seat, or on one of the rear door windows.
  • Most taxis in Valencia have room for up to 4 passengers. There are taxis that can take more people, but they are hard to find. Our recommendation, if you are in a group of 5 or more and you want to travel together, is to call a taxi company and ask for a bigger vehicle. Su Taxi (+34 633 384 492) for example, offers vehicles that can fit up to 8 passengers. Otherwise, you will have to split into two groups.
  • Most cab drivers speak at least some English, but it is always appreciated if you try to speak a couple of words in Spanish. Here are some useful sentences:

¿Acepta tarjetas? (Do you take card?).

Necesito ir a… (I need to go to…).

¿Me puede ayudar con las maletas? (Can you help me with the suitcases?).

Aquí, por favor (Here, please).

Tengo prisa, llego tarde (I’m in a hurry, I’m late).

Quédese con el cambio (Keep the change).

  • If you don’t speak any Spanish, we advise you to write down your destination and show it to the cab driver, as to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Not many taxis will carry pets, so if you have one with you, you should always check with the company or driver beforehand. This includes journeys booked through an app, as the decision to take pets or not is often at the driver’s discretion.
  • Although not necessary and not very common, you can always tip your cab driver, especially if you particularly liked their service.

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