Taxis at Valencia Airport


Taxis are not the cheapest option, but they are surely the most comfortable and one of the fastest options to reach your final destination, no matter where in Valencia. They also run 24 hours a day on any given day, so they will be your to-go option if you are arriving very late at night or on a bank holiday.

You can either take a taxi directly at the taxi stand or book one—either in advance or at the moment—through an app or by making a phone call directly to the company.

A taxi ride to the city centre should take approximately 20 minutes, depending on where exactly you are going. The average cost of a taxi ride to the city centre should be around €20.00 - €25.00, but there are no fixed rates for the airport.

Paying a taxi ride with a card in Valencia
In Valencia, taxi drivers are required by law to accept card payments. However, POS malfunctions occur from time to time, so it’s always a good idea to verify with the driver that card payments are available.

Keep in mind that the taxis you can stop along the road in Valencia are white, with a green light on the top indicating their availability. Meanwhile, Cabify vehicles (mentioned below) don’t look the same, as they have a VTC licence (Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor: tourism vehicles with private drivers). The difference between the two is that you can only book a VTC through the app, while you can also hail a taxi in the street. Remember that Cabify allows you to book either a VTC or a normal taxi through their app.

For visitors with reduced mobility, Valencia has more than one wheelchair-accessible taxi company, but it is always highly suggested to reserve whenever possible, either through an app or phone call. Accessible taxi companies include Tele Taxi and Su Taxi .

Take a taxi at the taxistand

Getting a taxi directly at the taxi stand should be fairly easy, as taxis stop in front of the Arrivals exit. The time you have to wait for a taxi depends on how busy the airport is on the day. In general, this will not be too long, as there are a lot of taxis coming and going from the airport.

Valencia Airport taxi stand
The taxi rank at Valencia Airport is right in front of the terminal exit. If you want to get on a cab you should always go to the first in line.

If you want to avoid surprises and misunderstandings, it’s important to always ask the cab driver in advance for an approximation of the ride cost. In this case, as you would not be booking the taxi in advance, the taximeter should be turned on from the moment you get in the car. You will be able to pay in cash or by card at the end of the ride.


As mentioned above, there is no fixed rate for a journey from and to the airport, but they’re generally is a €5.40 supplement for services to the airport. The minimum starting fare for a taxi ride to the airport will be €12.00.

Taximeter of a taxi getting from Valencia Airport
The driver will turn on the taximeter immediately after you get on the taxi.

Keep in mind, there are two different fares, depending on the time you are travelling:

  • Fare 1 is used on weekdays between 7:00 am and 9:00 pm. The taximeter will start at €1.50. From then on, every kilometre should cost €1.09. The minimum fare is €4.00.
  • Fare 2 is used on weekends and bank holidays, and every day between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am. The taximeter will start at €2.05. From then on, every kilometre should cost €1.19. The minimum fare is €6.00.

On a registered taxi, you should also find the official prices inside the vehicle, either on the window or on the back of the driver’s seat.

If you want to, you can check on the official Generalitat Valenciana page for any extra costs or additional fares.

For additional information, feel free to also check out our article about taxis in Valencia.

Location of the taxi stand

The taxi stand in Valencia Airport is directly in front of the Arrivals exit. You will see the taxis lined up as soon as you come out the doors.

How to get to the taxi stand at Valencia Airport - timelapse

When booking a taxi via app or phone, they will also be able to come to pick you up in this same area.

Order a taxi via an app

The second option you have, apart from waiting by a taxi stand, is to book via an app. This is probably the best option if you arrive at a particularly busy time. By using an app you will avoid waiting too long, and you will also know exactly how much time it will take for the taxi to arrive.

Freenow Taxi in Valencia
Free Now cabs are easily recognisable because of the company name and logo on the sides and the rear windscreen of the vehicle.

Some of the advantages offered by the app are making sure that the taxi driver is taking the shortest route, and having the taxi and taxi driver info available. These will make sure you are not being overcharged, and that you can later reach out to the same taxi you took, in case you forget something inside the vehicle.

Another plus of using an app is that you might be eligible for discounts or vouchers if you are a new or frequent user (depending on the app).


On average, taxis booked via app tend to be slightly cheaper than the ones you get at the taxi stand. If you book via app, you will also know exactly how much the ride will cost you upfront (as opposed to a taxi stand, where you will only get an approximation). A taxi ride via an app from the airport to the city centre should cost around €20.00.

Fares of getting taxi from Valencia airport with Cabify app
Upon requesting a journey through a taxi app, you’ll see a preview of the vehicle options and corresponding prices.

Aside from being able to pay in cash, like any other taxi, you will also be able to pay via the app, with a variety of methods, including Apple Pay, credit card, debit card, or others.

Free Now

Free Now is one of the most widely used taxi apps in Europe. It is extremely user-friendly and ensures that you are travelling with a licensed cab. Free Now is a great option if, for example, you are taking a taxi late at night.

Registration is easy, and upon request, you will see the estimated cost upfront, as well as a selection of vehicles to choose from.

How to book a taxi with Free Now - Tutorial

If you want to know more about Free Now, we have an article on transport tools and apps that could help you.

Download the Free Now app for iOS

Download the Free Now app for Android


Cabify, which also owns Easy Taxi, is a popular app, and booking with it normally ensures cheaper rates than usual.

The app is easy to use, and once you book you will be connected to the driver. This will enable you to see their location, call with any questions or requests.

How to book a VTC or taxi with Cabify - Tutorial

You will also be able to set your preferences (music, air conditioning, etc) in your account.

If you want to know more about Cabify, we have an article on transport apps that could help you.

Download the Cabify app for iOS

Download the Cabify app for Android

Grabbing a taxi is the best option if…

  • You want door-to-door service, or are going to a destination that is not easily reached via other means of transport.
  • Your top priority is comfort and you don’t mind spending a little more.
  • You travel in a group of three or four people.
  • You are arriving late at night or on a public holiday with reduced public transport.

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