Valencia Airport bus line 150

Bus 150

Bus 150, operated by the company Fernanbus, connects some central areas of Valencia with the airport and the surrounding neighbourhoods. This bus is part of the MetroBus services in Valencia (the yellow buses).

One of the advantages of line 150 is that it stops right in front of the Arrivals exit at the airport, which means you won’t have to walk too far with your luggage.

Depending on traffic, the bus ride from the airport itself to the last stop, by Valencia’s Central Market, should take between 30 and 45 minutes. However, if you are using the bus to go to the airport from the city centre, remember to always allow for extra time, in case of traffic congestion.

The bus has the advantage of having very central stops, useful especially for those with accommodation in these areas. Once it has left the airport, the route followed by the bus is not dissimilar from the one followed by the metro—passing by the neighbourhoods Manises (where the airport is), Quart de Poblet, and Mislata before reaching the city.


Line 150 makes a total of 26 stops on its way to the centre. Some of the most central in the city include the Central Market, Àngel Guimerà, and Avenida del Cid, all busy areas with many connection points and stations, both in terms of buses and metro.

Travel time
Stop Central Market Àngel Guimerà/Plaza de España Avenida del Cid, 108
Travel time 30-45 min. 25-40 min. 23-38 min.
Details This stop is a stone’s throw away from the spectacular Central Market in Valencia. This modernist structure is the largest fresh produce market in Europe. Getting off at this stop you will be in the heart of the city’s old quarters (Ciutat Vella). These stops, along Gran Via de Ramon y Cajal are central enough and are extremely well connected, with two metro stops not too far from each other and many bus connections. Avenida del Cid is one of the largest streets close to the city centre, which is why the bus has so many stops along it. This is also a great connection point for other bus lines or the metro.
Valencia Airport bus line 150 route and important stops
MetroBus line 150 and some of its most important stops. You can see the line travels through transport zones A, AB, and C.


You can get your bus ticket directly on the bus, simply by telling the bus driver how many tickets you want. Remember to bring cash with you, as this line does not have card readers on board. This is not true for all buses in Valencia, but many of them do not have a card reader, so it is always a good idea to have some money in cash to make small purchases such as this.

A journey between the airport and the city centre will cost you €4.80. A journey between the airport and the outskirts of Valencia will cost you €2.80.

Remember that the line 150 bus to and from the airport is not included in the VTC (Valencia Tourist Card) or the 10-journey SUMA ticket for zone A. We do not recommend get****ting a 10-journey SUMA card for zones A, B, C. Only the airport is located in Zone C, while you will probably only move through central areas (Zone A) during your stay. A zone A-B-C SUMA card would cost you €20.00. A 10-journey SUMA card for Zone A would cost you only €8.00.

Bus ticket from Valencia Airport line 150
In Valencia, when you get a ticket directly on the bus, it is printed on paper and doesn’t need to be validated.

Thus, if you choose to purchase a 10-journey SUMA card, do so when you are already in the city centre.

For more info check our article about the tickets and passes for public buses in Valencia.


The bus runs from Monday to Friday from 5:20 am to 10:10 pm (the last bus from the airport). On Saturdays, the bus runs from 5:25 am to 10.10 pm. On Sundays and bank holidays, the service is interrupted.

The frequency of the service depends on the day and time. It will go from a minimum of every 20 minutes and a maximum of every 45 minutes on the least busy times (like Saturday in the early morning).

Valencia Airport bus line 150 schedule
You can generally find schedules for MetroBus line 150 at every stop. On it you’ll see the first and last buses, and the average frequency.

To check the precise timetable please check the official website , call Fernanbus (+34 96 150 00 82), or download the Fernanbus app (available for Android and iOS ) to have real-life updates on the bus times.

Location of the bus stop

Bus 150 leaves from a stop located right across the street from the Arrivals exit. This is one of the really great things about the bus, as you won’t have to worry about finding the stop and will not need to walk a long way with your suitcases.

How to get to the bus station (line 150) at Valencia Airport - Timelapse

Practical information

  • In terms of luggage restrictions, you can take up to two suitcases with you on the bus, as long as there is enough room for everyone in the vehicle. Keep in mind that this is an urban bus and not a coach bus, so your suitcases will travel with you.
  • Valencia is, in general, a fairly accessible city for visitors with reduced mobility. Bus 150, like most buses in the city, will generally have two wheelchair spaces, and a manual or automatic ramp.

For more details, you might want to check with the individual companies that run the service, in this case, you can check either on the Fernanbus website or call them (+34 96 150 00 82).

  • In terms of airport accessibility, you can request support service on the Aena website at least 2.5 hours in advance. To guarantee the service can be provided, it is recommended to request assistance at least 48 hours prior to departure time. Aena also places a telephone helpline at your disposal 24 hours a day (+34 913 211 000).

For more information on wheelchair accessibility services at the Valencia airport, you can visit the Aena website .

  • Something to keep in mind, especially if you don’t have much of a time leeway, is that the bus times vary with traffic conditions. Therefore, you should always try to be at the bus stop at least five minutes earlier than the scheduled time. This is even more important if you are travelling to the airport, instead of from the airport, as you want to avoid missing the bus and being late for your flight.
MetroBus line 150 connecting Valencia Airport with city centre
All MetroBus lines are easily recognisable for their yellow colour. You’ll find the line number in the front and rear of the bus.

Getting on bus 150 is the best option if…

  • Your accommodation is in the heart of the city, especially the old quarters.
  • You want to enjoy the view of the city and its surrounding towns.
  • You don’t want to carry your suitcases up and down the stairs.

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